Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This sums it up...

A quote from another blog I follow:

"Just because my blog is quiet- doesn't mean our house is!"

How true it is. Lily and I are constantly on the go- doing something- going somewhere- having people over ; ) etc etc. It might be a week or so between posts- or maybe the stuff we're doing generally doesn't merit a whole blog post- but rest assured we are keeping busy- having lots of fun and relatively few meltdowns.

As you know Lily is starting to write a little and the other day she drew a whole group of people (heads, arms, legs, faces) that actually looked like people for the most part. So cute. I'll take a picture to post later. She is always changing and learning- but the changes at this age seem to be a little more subtle - they kind of sneak up on you - they may not be huge developmental milestones- but always something to be proud of.

Her favorite toys right now are the Polly Pockets from Christmas and the Thomas the Train sets. I'm constantly stepping on all the little pieces- fun! Though I will say her favorite toy changes from day to day and moment to moment. You never know what will be the most important thing to her at any particular time (did I mention she always keeps me on my toes??) She also loves getting into whatever craft project I am working on- cards, stamping or painting (mostly painting). But as most of you know art and crafts are in her blood so no one is really surprised she has a knack for artistry.

We haven't been outside too much lately but when we are she's learning to be a little more brave on climbing toys- though we still have a ways to go on this issue. She just seems to prefer her feet planted firmly on the ground which is OK with me. I never have to worry about her jumping off anything too high or climbing up the wrong way. So she's saving me a heart attack here and there.

My proudest moments recently are how well she has done with Auntie Joeleen and Uncle Dat and Auntie Briana too. They have been amazing babysitters this last month and a half- since Lily hasn't been going to her dad's house. She has done such a great job and it has allowed me to get a tiny bit of free time (huh, what is that???) I can't believe how big she is getting and the mommy guilt of leaving her over night was tough- but I know it is good for her in the long run- and me too. She's just not the little baby attached to my hip anymore : (

I can't believe it but she is already starting the "I hate school" bit. I'm not sure if she is just tired in the morning or if school is boring or what, but it seems like we have to go through it almost everyday. She says she just wants to stay home with me- and break my heart while you're at it why don't ya?- but we get tired of each other when we spend too long as each other's sole companions. Really. Of this I have to keep reminding her.

So onto a new year filled with new adventures-we are excited to see what amazingly fun and funny things we'll come up with to keep ourselves and our blog readers entertained. So long 2009!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Haircut!!!!!!

Lily wasn't completely opposed to getting a haircut this morning (when I asked her) so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It took a little effort to find a place but we ended up at Wallingford Center at Lil' Klippers. They had wooden seats - a train, boat, car, dinosaur, and horse as well as buckets of fun toys and books. Lily did a great job- probably even better because they don't let the parents hover around while the hairdresser works. I had to stand in the waiting area : ( so it was hard to get a good angle for a picture but overall was a great experience and I don't think Lily will have the same kind of anxiety next time she needs a trim. Thank goodness. We also had fun checking out the new toy store there and having a cupcake and Milk from Trophy Cupcakes. Yumm! It turned out to take up much more of our day than originally planned but we had a fun girl's day together and her hair looks soooooo much better already. I think the cut will help with some of the tangling and make it easier to brush in the morning. Here's hoping!
Lily covered her ears when the tickle spray hit her hair.
A special princess cape for Lily
First Cut!

Give me a princess face!

All Done!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Christmas

We had a little get together at our house last night- Martin, Kendra, Briana and Lily and I had a yummy dinner and lots of fun exchanging Christmas Presents. The girls were dying with anticipation about the presents under the tree- but overall did a great job.

So much fun!
Merry Christmas Everyone! And a Happy New Year too! There will be lots more pictures soon!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here is a picture with the letters of her name hightlighted- for those of you that are having trouble. But it's plain as day to me. Haha.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lily writes her name.

So the pictures didn't turn out that great but.... LILY WROTE HER NAME!!!!! TWICE!
She's been attempting the letters for awhile now and usually I guide her hand to write each letter but the other day I just reminded her what each letter looked like and she wrote it all by herself!

Mommy: Line down then a line across at the bottom...ok now next to it a line down with a dot at the top...another line down with a line at the bottom - last one line down with a "v" on top (Y's are hard to explain).

She was so proud! Me too!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Love Hate Relationship

Lily: Mommy I hate your beautiful face.

This morning we're sitting at the table eating breakfast and reading a story. I know the story of Skippyjon Jones and the Curse of the Cat Mummy basically by heart so as I read I was looking from the page to her.

Lily: Mommy- look at the page when you read!

Me: Why?

Lily: Cause I'm eating the sugar off my oatmeal.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A couple new pictures...

I was painting a frame for our picture from Zoo Lights and Lily wanted to paint too. I think hers turned out even better than mine. She painted lots of dots and used a ton of glitter paint. She was so excited about it she wanted to give it to Poppa for his birthday last weekend. Sweet Girl!

This picture really shows me how much she is growing up- her face is changing a lot- I think she is starting to look more like me...but much cuter! She kinda looks like Maddie too I think....
So we've been having lots of adventures lately. Lily stayed over night with Autie Joeleen and Uncle Dat (all night!!) last weekend and did a great job. Of course Joeleen and Dat made it super fun for Lily and she can't wait to go back. And...I got a night off!! Whoohoo! Awesome!
Last night Lily and I made chocolate chip cookies to bring to our dinner over at Lily's friend's house tonight. She is getting good at cracking eggs and helping me measure.
Who knows what we'll be up to this weekend...more fun I'm sure.
Heard this week at our house:
Lily: Some people's houses are made of fuzz.
Lily: Floyd's tail was in the water- I am not kidding you mom.
We borrowed a SpongeBob DVD from Poppa's house a couple weeks ago (when our extended cable got taken away) that has about 10 different episodes. Lily can literally recite with each episode all of the dialogue. Pretty scary.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Real blog posts coming soon....

I have some cute pictures coming internet at home right now so I'm super slow at everything : (

Thanks for all your warm thoughts yesterday. They really helped...we're doing good and will just keep moving forward.

Monday, December 7, 2009

We need you.

Please every one keep Lily and I in your thoughts and prayers all day today.

We love you all and thank you for your support.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Zoo Lights

So much fun! Not a lot of good pictures since it was dark- but lots of fun anyway!Lily says her favorite part of the Zoo Lights were the Sharks in the aquarium. Where there weren't any lights. For real.
They loved this little playground and it was even more fun because it was really dark.

Lily and I sharing a snail shell cute!

Decorating for Christmas

Oooh-What's in this box?Lily loves the Nativity SetLily decorates the tree
Floyd is not sure he likes the Nativity set- it's invading his space.
On Friday we brought out all of our Christmas Decorations and spent the day decorating. We needed a few things and actually braved Target- which didn't turn out to be so bad. Lily picked out a small sand filled toy- then decided at the last minute she wanted another Elephant instead. I put the little sand toy in the cart (without her seeing), thinking it would be a good one to put in her stocking. It was not meant to be however since the cashier (off all the things we got) couldn't get that one to scan. I was trying to distract Lily so she wouldn't see but it didn't work. She was super excited to get two toys that day! What luck! They were both only dollar or two each- but really- out of everything in the cart the one item I'm trying to be covert about is the one that won't scan. Sheesh. Anyway. Target wasn't too busy and we got what we needed. Now the countdown begins...

25 days until Christmas!

Lily: Mommy what kind of day is it?
Mommy: What do you mean?
Lily: Is it still Turkey day?
Mommy: Nope- Turkey day is over. Next...Christmas is coming.
Lily: But where is Christmas?

Lily: I have an enormously huge butt...heheeehhee. I'm hilarious.
Lily: Oh Floyd- you little meatball!
I hope everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see you all this Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all are having a very Happy Thanksgiving- filled with lots of family, friends, and of course good food!

This year I can't pick just one thing to be thankful for- there is just too much good in my life. I am thankful for:
My Dad and Step mom for living so close and helping out with Lily whenever I need it- and for letting me do laundry at their house too!

Thanks Joeleen and Dat for introducing me to some of your friends and letting me hang out. It has been so amazing to meet new people and Friday night dinners have been so fun. I hope I can keep up with those soon.

Thanks to my brother John for making the smart choice of not trying to live in the Alaskan wilderness until he and his friend get a little more acclimated to Alaska in general. I'm so thankful he's alive and well but still working toward fulfilling his dreams.

Of course I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life- a job, a home, and to be able to afford the things we need.

I am thankful to the rest of my family and friends for always being there when I need them- whether it be a phone call or a visit. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have so much back-up support and people to listen to me vent after a tough day.

And who could forget the apple of my eye- my reason for getting up and going in the morning- I am more than thankful for my sweet daughter Lily-quirkiness and all. Even though I can't say I am happy about all the things I have gone through in my life to get to the point I am at now- I can't really regret any of it because I have her. Love you sweetie!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun at the Library

Lily loves the computer and games they have at our local library. She can't use the mouse too much yet so she tells me what she wants and I click for her. The headphones are pretty cute on her too.

We love hanging out there because they have so much more than just books. We find all kinds of interesting movies, music, puppets and stories on CD as well. They have story times too but those are usually on the weekdays. She plays on the computer and they have a little play area too. We go every week and she always has fun going. I hope that by doing this she learns to love learning and reading as much as I do.

PS- Sorry about the cryptic post the other day. I can't say much of anything yet other than that we are both doing ok and I'll let you know more as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone for your suppport- we love you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

One day at a time.

Five and a half years ago I lost nearly everything I believed was important in my life. My feet were kicked out from under me and the shoddy foundation I had attempted to build in my life collapsed-all in one fell swoop. There was nothing left beneath me to catch my fall. It took some serious help from many sources to pull myself out of a very black hole- of depression and hopelessness- and ultimately an absolute feeling of failure.

Today, again, I was shaken to my very core with completely unexpected news. Once again I felt my insides completely ripped out- things I held as true- torn down. The rug was pulled out and I fell. I had failed at protecting the most important thing in my life.

But I didn't fall too far. I held out my hand and caught myself. I have surrounded myself with people who absolutely back me up 100%. I can trust them, I can trust their support. Family, friends, co-workers- there when I needed it the most. I got up. Myself. And I can do this. I can make it through- one day- one step at a time. I know I can.

I have spent the last five years healing and breaking and healing again. I'd never been sure how much progress I had really made. I've always worried- will it happen again? Could I go back to that dark place again and not be able to find my way back? Now I know. I have laid a strong foundation in my life. I have what I need to make it through the really tough days- or weeks- whatever it takes.

I guess that's growing up. I guess that's life.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Lily likes to look at all the fishes at the pet store. We stopped by there on my day off on Wednesday and I think we spent a good half hour looking at the fishes. Lily asked the Employee all about what she was doing and what the fish were doing. Ever curious, right? Then we went to see the kitties they had. They had a black one that looked like Floyd and Lily said, "Look it's Floyd's brother! What is he doing here?"

Heard at our house:

I am certainly ready for a swim!

Mom! Only babies like Winnie the Pooh ( I almost cried when she said that.)

Mommy- you smell like Auntie Joeleen's house.

I'm wonderful at telling stories!

Floyd taking a swipe at the pumpkin I was about to cook.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apparently I'm so popular that I need a comment moderator

As if I get a lot of comments or anything. I have now changed my settings to review comments before they are posted because of some jerk-o posting spam in the comments(see previous post). That just freaking ticks me off. Grr. I'm mad- and you won't see your comment on the blog until I approve it. Sorry. Stupid spammers.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lily Helps

Lily uses the screwdriver to "fix" her school bus. That's my girl.

I love how she really wants to get involved in stuff like this. As long as it isn't mud- she wants to get down and dirty. She loves trucks and cars and trains and playing with sticks. She picks up leaves and digs in the sand. She loves helping me mix when we cook and loves to put rice or flour or oatmeal in a pan for her to squish/mix/dig/run cars through. She wants to know how things work and never ceases to amaze me!

Don't ask me why she doesn't have any pants. To her, clothes are always optional (at home at least).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holiday Cards

I made some Holiday Cards today as a gift for my Step Mom for her birthday- well her birthday was October 8th but I gave her an IOU for handmade cards. They were the project at the top of my list and my goal was to get them done this weekend so I can start all my Christmas projects next week. Luckily making a set where all the cards are mostly the same goes pretty quickly- once the design is settled- it is just a matter of "mass" production.This is the original design. I got some nice cardstock from a co-worker that I knew would be perfect. I needed the design to be pretty simple so I could make an entire set without breaking the bank. I looked at a couple of designs on some scrapbooking sites and came up with a simple snowflake design- not too Christmas-ey but still festive. This is the paper I chose. It is a handmade navy blue paper- very lightweight- with small gold tinsel throughout- that I got at a garage sale over the summer. So pretty. The pictures don't quite capture the navy color though.
My idea was to lightly stencil snowflakes randomly all over the paper- then use a snowflake stickeras a focal point on each panel (one large and two small). But when I finished the stenciling the snowflakes they seemed too contrastive (is that a word?). I tried to thin the paint but then the stenciling came out blurry. Then I had the idea of spraying some paint over the snowflakes. I used the spray top from Lily's hair detangler and some thinned out acrylic paint.
Here is the result. I think the paper came out amazing. I was very pleased with this spray experiment and I'll definitly use it again.

Then the assembly was relatively simple. After I cut the blue paper into the panels and mounted it on it's carstock- I put them together using some foam squares and circles to add some dimension.Finally I tested the Stamp "Happy Holidays" in a couple of inks to see which one would work best. I ended up choosing gold. I wanted to do blue but for some reason my blue ink does not work well with the new Acrylic stamps(rather than the old rubber kind). I think the gold stamp helped to tie in the tinsel in the paper though.Final Product. I originally was going to do some glitter at the edges like snow/wind blowing (you can kind of see it in the design picture) but I ended up making the card a little smaller and didn't have room for anything else. I think it would have actually been too busy with anything else since the Navy paper had a little more detail than I originally anticipated.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh the drama.

It follows me (or is it following Lily???Not sure.)

Last night we went a Harvest Festival at a local church. I saw their sign a couple weeks ago and thought a Harvest Festival would be a safe place to bring Lily since it probably wouldn't have too many scary Halloween things. Anyway....I was right!(haha) The Harvest Festival was great. As we walked in we got name tags. The greeter asked Lily her name and she said "Lily the Pooh." So cute.

There was popcorn, snocones, music and even a bouncy house. Upstairs they had tons of games to play. For each game played Lily earned a piece of candy and a ticket or two- depending on how many bags she tossed or froggies she leapfrogged etc etc. At the end there was a prize room where the kids could exchange their tickets for prizes.

After playing for awhile we had six tickets and Lily decided she wanted to go check out the prize room. She found a little frog there for three tickets...and then she saw it....for only ten tickets she could get a brand new My Little Pony.

With new determination we set out to conquer a few more games. Now, for this girl waiting in line is like pulling her teeth and the anxiety of earning enough tickets fast enough to go back and get the pony was bringing her dangerously close to meltdown stage.

As luck would have it though she threw two purples in the Egg Bounce game and shot down 4 cups in the Nerf Pumpkin Shoot. We had ten tickets, and after a quick stop to play one last game of bean bag toss, we raced out of the Game Room back to the Prize Room.

In my head I'm thinking worst case scenario- someone already picked it- it will be gone- she'll pick something else, right? Oh no. What actually happened was much more cruel indeed (but don't worry there is a happy ending). We race into the room and literally one second before Lily can reach her little hand out to grab her beloved prize (oh, did I mention there was only one pony???) another little girl picked it right up. Lily's face dropped from complete victory and exhilaration to absolute tragedy in less than two seconds. Complete with wailing and gnashing of teeth. For real.

But, as I said, this story has a happy ending. It turns out the little girl didn't have any tickets to spend yet or maybe didn't have enough- she didn't seem too phased by her dad's "no". I swear we didn't yank the pony out of her hand (seriously). She put the pony down and wandered off. Then, as quickly as I could get Lily to be quiet and see- Triumph! She got her prize. Oh the joy- complete happiness!

I was proud of her. Absolutely shocked by her luck, but still proud. My little Lily the Pooh.

OOHHhweeeoohhhooooo(Lily making ghosty sounds)

I thought I had planned a relatively low key kind of Halloween- but it turned out we were pretty busy. We had all kinds of fun and surprisingly few meltdowns. Yeah! Lily was her super cute/goofy self all wrapped up in black and yellow stripes (and don't forget the stinger!)It has been several years since I have done anything remotely significant for Halloween and I was shocked at some of the elaborate costumes- for kids under 5 no less- and at the Lake Forest Park Mall of all places. You all know my favorite word is free so I guess it is no surprise that Lily's costume was a hand me down from a co-worker (not really even worn though). I can't imagine spending more than minimal attention on a costume for her- is it really worth it? I don't know. I mean if you have the time and the money- go for it I guess. I think I must have different priorities...(read "I'm cheap and overall kinda lazy"). Haha. One thing I did remember/reiterate/remind myself of this Happy that I hate crowds of people. Too many people in a single place make Mommy a little crazy- I think even Lily can see it in my eyes when I've just about hit "people overload." I try though-I'm not completely antisocial. We still participate in events- I mean we went the the harvest festival yesterday and trick or treating at the mall today- we just made a break for it as soon as the crowds of people started closing in on me- and Lily conveniently had a meltdown- and we were out the door. Done and done. Thanks kid for saving Mommy from having a panic attack in front of all those people- you're the best! Stay tuned for more Harvest/Halloween adventures!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had fun last night carving our pumpkin. Lily told me what kind of face to draw but didn't want anything to do with the pumpkin guts. We baked the seeds but they didn't taste good-like the ones from the pie pumpkin a couple weeks ago. Then I did all the hard work of scraping and carving. She came back for the official lighting of the pumpkin. Oh yeah- Floyd had fun playing in the pumpkin guts too. Heehee. Sorry you can't see Lily too well on the last one. I had to turn off the flash to get the candlelight but then her face was dark : ( Oh well.

Lily: Mommy I love you so much I'm going to give you a dime.

Lily: Are you going to get old? Who's going to bury you?

Uh freaking me out here kid.


Lily: Hey Mom- there's those dolls you don't like! (Referring to Bratz Dolls)

Lily: Mommy I'm having bad dreams. Can you sing to me? My dreams are scared of your singing.