Friday, January 30, 2009


We just got back from Children's Hospital where Lily got her new cast on- she chose purple! It only goes up to her knee and she should be able to walk with it once she has a little confidence. They even gave her a little beanie baby puppy for being a brave girl. She was a bit cranky at them for poking and prodding her but overall did a really good job. We are going back to our apartment tonight (yeah, my own bed!) and at least for me not having to think about a wheelchair takes a lot of stress on me. It seems much more manageable. Though, my stress level going into Children's was through the roof so I'm still coming down from that a bit I think. Maddie did a great job coming along and helping out- carrying stuff and being entertaining. Lily liked the fish tanks and the toys they had were pretty cool- though we didn't get to watch the TV like we did at the emergency room so she was a little disappointed. Anyway- I better go. I will get a few more pictures up later this weekend. We are going to take it really easy and hopefully be ready to go back to school bright and early Monday morning, though I think we will probably take the "Mommy Schoolbus" instead of walking. Just to be on the safe side.

Queen for a day ( or six weeks, with a broken leg)

She's playing and scootching herself around like a champ- for the most part. Last night at bedtime she kept saying her leg was itchy and it needed to breath- which I can totally imagine but can do absolutely nothing about. Grr. But I think she is probably whining less than I would- but what does she really have to complain about...she's being waited on hand and foot! (Excuse the pun!) Later today we are getting the permanent cast on and I hope she does well getting that on- I figure as long as they have a TV in the room she'll be fine. Well, Lily just woke up so I gotta go! Talk to you all soon. We'll let you know how things go.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What we've been up to...

Lily washing her fawn and her elephants in the bathroom sink. You should've seen the water mess on the counter and floor- not to mention the soap and the wet towels she tried to clean up with- but she had fun and was occupied for awhile. She was singing to herself and making the animals talk to each other.

Here's Lily the Muscle Woman lifting her weights and getting strong. Elmo was excercising on TV and she said she wanted to exercise too- so she got her little one pound weights and lifted them up over her head.
Later, we went to the park to swing and run around. She couldn't do too much running though because she still has a little cough but we had fun. We ate lunch at the picnic table but it was a bit chilly so we didn't sit too long. Lily said, "Its summer now mommy." If only....if only.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lily's first Joke

Lily: Knock Knock

Mama: Who's there?

Lily: Orange.

Mama: Orange who?

Lily: Orange you gonna lock the door and lettuce throat?

Mama: What?

Lily: Lettuce throat.

Mama: Do you mean "Orange you gonna un-lock the door and let us through?"

Lily: Lettuce throat, lettuce throat, lettuce throat....Mama you have to laugh...

Uncontrollable giggling ensues....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yucky Medicine...emerging logic???

Last night Lily had the most terrible cough- just dry and nothing coming up but everytime she tried to lay down she couldn't stop coughing. She hasn't had much of a cold or anything- just the perpetual Daycare slight runny nose. But I knew we weren't going to get any sleep- either of us- if we didn't get some cough medicine in her. I told her that it would taste really yucky but that she could have water right afterwards and that it would make her cough go away. She said ok. So I give her the medicine and she takes most of it then gulps some water. When I tell her she needs to finish it she says she doesn't want to because it tastes bad. I explained again that if she didn't finish she would keep on coughing. So I gave her the choice...and she chose to take the medicine though she said afterward that she would never take that medicine again. It was just a proud mommy moment for me because she really thought about what taking the medicine would mean and made a good choice. Maybe it sounds really simple but I was happy. Then she laid on my chest while I sat up so she didn't cough so much and we sang some songs. Normally she doesn't want me to sing to her anymore like I used to so I was happy to do that. Good job Lily!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

PS Christmas Cookies

I forgot all about this video I meant to put up. Lily and I were making cut out cookies after Christmas- she did a great job!

Christmas at Gramma Deb's house...

We finally made it to Tacoma last weekend and got to see everybody. I didn't take too many pictures- sorry : ( Anyway, Lily had a lot of fun with her new play food and stickerbook and her new ponies too. Thanks Gramma Deb, Grampa Bruce, Aunt TT, Rick and Mamma. We had a great time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My daughter must have inherited the "Christmas" gene. Last night Lily didn't want to go to bed (what else is new?). She tried just about everything possible to get out of it, though she must not have been putting all her energy into it because she wasn't screaming. Anyway- first she needed two stories then we turned off the lights. Immediately she wants a "Piggy Story"- which is a story I always start with three little piggies and she tells me what kind of adventure they go on. Sometimes they eat spider soup, sometimes they fall in holes in the forest- you never know. The only way to wrap up a Piggy story is to somehow sneak the piggies into bed and say "The End". Ha. Well, then its a drink of water (or two or three) and a bunch of wiggle worming. I am so tired and all I want to do is go to sleep- but at least she's not screaming right?- then she starts singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. And that litte squirt knows all of the words- all of the right words too. And I totally break- I am dying trying to hold in the giggles- she notices and starts to giggle too. Then a tickle fight. Finally we both fall asleep- I'm not sure who first.