Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ooh- Cool idea.

I was just reading a blog I follow about Kids and Literacy (two things close to my heart- so it's nearly perfect!) and I was thinking that a fun project Lily and I could do would be to put several books with a similar theme on hold at the library and do some project with them. Like a non-fiction about space then a story about astronauts and maybe one about stars- so they tie in together- we could do one about Colossal Squid even- Lily is completely fascinated by squid. Then practice writing or recognizing some words. I don't know- it might be fun. I know she gets some of that at school but it could be any topic she was interested in and we could do as much or as little as she wanted- rather than having to go with the whole class. Just thinking I guess.

Found at my house:

Stick (literally- from a tree) wrapped in yarn in my Pots and Pans Cupboard

Plastic baggie of Hair ties and clips in the refrigerator

Mini tube of toothpaste stuck in the side of the car seat covering

Trains, socks, leaves, toys, remote controls, hair ties, beads, markers, crayons, pennies stuffed in the couch cushions.

Lily (on our way down the stairs this morning): I'm not wearing any underwear.

Mommy: What?? Why??

Lily: I didn't put any on.

Mommy: Well you need underwear. We'll put some on when we get to school.

Lily: Why do I have to wear underwear?

Mommy: Uhh..because (think fast Sarah....)just because ok. You're going to wear underwear. Period.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lily's a big girl now!

Check it out! Lily's Dad bought her a big girl bike this weekend (with training wheels and everthing!). I was skepitcal at first that she would want to get on- much less actually pedal the thing. Oh how wrong I was. Apparently she rode all weekend with only a couple minor falls/scrapes but had a blast. She loves going fast but doesn't quite get the brake concept so it totally freaks me out- especially downhill headed toward the road...Yikes! I held onto the front part of the handle bar just to be safe though I am sure it won't be long before she doesn't want me to hold her back at all. Believe me-that will be a tough day. Pushing her off, letting her go and hoping for the best. is the big girl herself!
Since I drove all the way to Bellingham to pick her up (don't ask!) I decided we should do something fun to make the long drive home a little easier. We headed down Chuckanut Drive (I love the views especially in the fall!!) and stopped at Larrabee Park. I haven't been there forever. Lily liked it but the tide was way in and there wasn't too much beach to explore so we played mostly on their little playground.
The drive was beautiful but I must say I prefer being the passenger rather than the driver on that road. All those tight lanes and narrow curves freak me out a bit and I didn't get to see all the pretty views because I was concentrating so hard on staying in my lane. But it was fun anyway and I'm glad we went.

Friday, September 25, 2009

They still need your help!

The Pell's are asking for your help to boost the last of the financials they need for their adoption. They have a magazine sale going on right now with 40% of sales going directly to their fund. If you need to renew a subscription- now is the time! Click here to go to their website- and read their story. Very cool.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ok ok so I'm slow.

Don't complain. Here are the pictures. Geez. Quit hasseling me about it already : )

Lily's 4th Birthday Party

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had fun...Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily's birthday parties this weekend went so well. I honestly couldn't have asked for any better. Lily loved having friends over and being the center of attention (of course!) not to mention getting some cool new stuff to play with. I know I say it all the time but I just can't believe how fast she is growing up on me.
She was playing with her Leapfrog Tag this evening- she got a new book to read from Great Gramma- and I could see how deliberate she was in using the reader/pen. Very carefully she touched the part of the page that would read the story out loud-then listened patiently until it finished reading before touching the next object. She even completed with 100% accuracy the level 1 activities they have on each story page (there are three increasingly difficult levels of activities). Kind of complicated to explain but when she first got the books for Christmas last year she just touched the pen all over the page and couldn't wait for the story part to be read before pushing something else.

The other day her teacher and I were talking about how much improvement in behaviour she has had in the last 6 months. I just felt so proud of her -I could literally feel the "swell" of pride- and a little mist in my eyes- telling the teacher how wonderful it has been to see such a positive change. I just love that little girl so much. Tonight as we were going to bed she said, "We're best buddies, huh Mom?" The happiness overwhelmed me as I responded, "Of course we are!"

We both have our frustrations- the fact we're both so stubborn doesn't help-but then we have a moment that makes us smile- a laugh or a tickle- my Momma pride wins hands down and those no so good moments completely fade out. I guess it is the same thing they say about labor, right? There is something in our brain or our chemical make-up that allows the pain of labor to fade away so quickly- and the overwhelming love is the only feeling that really lasts.

Love you Lily! Happy 4th Birthday!

PS- Too tired to post more pictures tonight- I'll put up a web album tomorrow I promise.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bits o' stuff

Lily: I speak English, Spanish and Regular.
Google Keyword Searches:

"Shake the sand from my flip flops quote"- Must have hit because of my embarrassing sand in the underwear incident

"wshhh"- ??? I have no idea- but it's kind of funny- I think...
I haven't been able to do much blogging or even thinking about blogging lately for a couple reasons:
1) Lily's birthday party is this weekend and I have been a crazy lady cleaning and crafting and know the drill.
2) I hurt my wrist at work : ( Too much typing I guess and it hurts pretty much anytime I use the mouse or type with my right hand. The DR says lay off the typing so my recreational use of the computer at home has basically been non-existent
3) I'm still reading the Outlander series and read it (I'm on the third book) basically any chance I get. The author is supposed to be at Third Place Books in October doing a reading and a signing her new book- I am so in!
The two (or three) things that make the end of summer (almost) bearable:
1) Pumpkin Pie/Bread
2) New Season of Survivor and CSI

PS- Briana you're the best. If you hadn't told me Survivor was on tonight I would have missed it and been very sad. Russell is an actor I think...don't you? Like Sugar was (and who knows who else). And thanks for TIVO-ing CSI for me! I'd never see it otherwise. Like I said- you're the best!

No pictures today because my camera memory card is full and I haven't uploaded them to be able to take more'll all work out since next week I'm sure I'll have lots from Lily's B-day to post.

Must...stop...typing....and go to bed....or read just one more chapter....

Monday, September 14, 2009


Look who slept in her new big girl bed all night!!!!

I know its not the best picture- she was sleeping at a really wierd angle and I couldn't get her face.

Dad and Di brought over Maddie's old mattress and I set it up with her new sheets and pillow and comforter as a surprise. She was super excited when she came home and saw it. She immediately started jumping on on the bed and snuggling the blankets. Last night I sat next to her and read stories then laid down with her until she fell asleep- then, gloriously, hopped into my own bed and slept all night by myself!!!! Well- other than the fact that I woke up everytime she rolled over and made a noise to check and make sure she was ok- oh and then floyd came and curled up with me on my pillow. Haha. Very funny Floyd. He was mocking me- I'm sure!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Google Search

So if you've ever read Clever Girl Goes Blog- you've seen her post about the wierd keywords people type into Google and in which her blog comes up as a link. I have been waiting and waiting for a good (by good I mean funny) search term to come up for my site. So far only the obvious ones like "Lily Flower" and "Famous Lily" have been the main hits- and since they're boring, hardly worth a whole post. Today though- "Dirty Lily." Who the heck is searching for Dirty Lily??? And what do they mean by it??? Hmmm....maybe I don't want to know. Anyway- just thought I'd let y'all know : )

PS- I'd probably have more cool search terms if more people were following my blog (read: boosting my self esteem). So for all you out there reading but not wanting to be my friend and follow my blog-help a girl out. Seriously. I need all the laughs I can get.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm not making this up I swear.

Lily: Mom, physically I'm ok.

Mom: Physically you're ok?

Lily: Yeah.

Mom: What about mentally?

Lily: Mentally I'm not ok.

Mom: That explains a lot.

Summer's end....

Dear Summer- I love you. I even loved those really super hot days- because I didn't want to complain and then end up with a rainy summer. Here in Seattle we live with what seems like 9 (or more) months of dreary weather- and only 3 (if we're lucky) of good. So on September 1st when you left so very suddenly and didn't even give me a chance to say can imagine my disappointment. I could have really used just one more sunny summer weekend but well..what can you do? Tell the Sun I guess we'll see you both some time next June.


A girl who probably needs to move to Hawaii for heaven's sake. Or anywhere tropical.

Lily taking advantage of the final days of summer last weekend

Every once in awhile I catch her in motion just the right way and I love it - that moment of movement frozen in time- 'cause I swear this child never stops moving.
She really wanted to go in the wading pool- even though it wasn't super warm. By the end she was shivering so much but still didn't want to get out. Only when they started draining the water did she finally give in.

Now on to planning a spectacular finish to the year...first up Lily's 4th birthday- then more birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and it'll be Christmas before I can even blink I'm sure. Time really flies- especially when you're busy (and having fun)!