Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Between the Rain Showers...

We made it to the park again last weekend.

So much more fun with the four of us...and I didn't have to do all the climbing myself.

Kendra: I'm not bossy 'cause I'm cute.

Oh boy has that girl got it all figured out. Haha.

I'm kind of sick this week- doing my best to fight off a sore throat- send healthy thoughts my way....I'm going to bed to get some good rest!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remembering Molly Hightower

Molly Hightower was a volunteer at an orphanage in Haiti. She was killed by the earthquake last week. This is her story:

Seattle Times Article     Molly's Blog

What an amazing  person. I didn't know Molly personally, but we need more people like her in this world.

How will you change the world today?

Feels a little like spring...

I know we've got ages to go before spring really comes but this weekend felt like a little taste of spring...beautiful weather- not too cold- a little sunshine...it feels like I haven't seen the sun in weeks.
We went to the duck park yesterday since I had the day off and Lily finally rode her bike again. They have a nice little walkway that is relatively flat and smooth- she did really well pedaling and steering. I fixed on of the training wheels so it felt more steady for her and not so tippy- that made it much easier.

The other night Lily used this piece of wood to rock out and jump on the bed (the wood is a guitar- get it??)

Lily: This is not from the human world. (talking about her chapstick- oh sorry, I mean "lipstick")


You know you have been working at a credit union too long when..
...you have a dream about arguing with a teller about the Funds Availability Policy at their credit union.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Lily: My baby lion can roll weed.

Mommy: Ummmmm....what do you mean?

Lily: My baby lion can roll weed. Let me show you.

Mommy: ????????????????????

She then curls him up in a ball and rolls him across the bed.

Lily: See he can roll just like a weed...

Mommy: (light bulb!) Oh...a tumble weed. Yes exactly. He can!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something to think about...

A blog entry about the facebook meme for Breast Cancer Awareness. Very interesting..like I said something to think about. Don't forget to read the comments section and the next blog entry as well. Thank you!

ToddlerPlanet Blog

Monday, January 11, 2010

It'll do....for now.

Well. I guess it looks all right...I am sure the background etc will keep evolving over time...hopefully for the better. And yes Joeleen...my sidebar is back on the "right" side again.

So another year...I don't make resolutions so don't expect any out of me. Bleh. I prefer to fail miserably at my goals throughout the entire year- why limit it to just January??? Haha.

For me January is easily the toughest month of the year (did I blog about how much I hate January last year?) Christmas is over : ( and there really isn't much to look forward to except spring but even that seems sooooo far away. Even though Lily was not too happy about me putting the Christmas decorations away- at least my house feels less cluttered. Another goal I seem to be failing at: Living Simply. It is so hard to stop the incessant collecting of stuff, junk, things...everywhere. Paper, toys, just STUFF all the time. Keeping the flow of things in and out balanced is a constant challenge- though we were able to give away a huge amount of stuff from our storage closet to another family at the daycare. Yeah!!! I guess that counts for something.

Over the last few weeks I have thought about tons of things to blog about but when I just looked back at my blog history apparently I was just dreaming about uploading all that stuff. I totally didn't post pics from our Christmas Day- though they are up on Facebook. And it seems like we've been pretty busy but big surprise...my camera battery was dead for awhile and I kept forgetting to charge it. Oops. (Joeleen-not a word! Really.) So here are some random pictures from the last few weeks just doing our thing!

We were practicing letter shapes using pretzels. FUN!

Making Gingerbread houses on New Year's Eve...great idea Martin! The girls' favorite part? Eating the candy off of course!

Don't make me put arrows around the person she drew, k? See the head and huge eyes and teeny legs?

Gosh Mom, why do you gotta embarass me at school with that camera?

Lily: Mom, why do we have dinner at night?
Mommy: Because that is when we get home and are hungry.
Mommy: ?????

Oh- and a huge congratulations to John and Sarah Pell on their "Gotcha Day" with baby John- the picutures are absolutely adorable!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Under construction again....

Searching for a great background and banner that really fit Lily and I.. The Cutest Blog On the Block has some good ones- but does anyone have any other ideas for free ones??? Just wondering...what I have now just isn't working for me any more!