Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a slacker. Again.

I missed my blog anniversary a couple weeks ago....and I also missed celebrating my 200th post. What??? have I been doing....oh yeah...

We've been playing : )

Monday, June 21, 2010


We had all kinds of awesome adventures during our week long vacation. So glad we were able to do so much- yet still have enough downtime to feel rested and ready to go back to work today (well- "ready" maybe pushing it, but ok with the idea.)

Lily is getting so much better at going with the flow and not being so uptight about everything. I was worried about the transitions between parts of our vacation with her...and also about spending a very long time in the car..but she was a champ and did great really with everything- sleeping in new places and meeting new proud of how much she has grown in just the last few months. It was great to have Kendra too for most of the vacation also because the girls did a pretty good job playing together- or at least they had some one to argue with other than me or Martin. Haha.

So- we first went to Fort Worden (Port Townsend) It was just us girls for three days!!!

Lily didn't want to go out on the ferry deck- too windy!!! But I got her out there long enough for 1 picture-barely.
We all three shared a bed. Not sure exactly where I slept with those two bed hogs!
We dug a wading pool in the sand- much warmer and less wavy than the Sound water.

Well- I was going to do the rest of the trip tonight but today was my first day back at work and I am tired and goin' to bed! So more tomorrow...I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seats. TTYL!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I hear you.

Lily's hair is out of control. Really. I know. See previous post on the swings.

Yesterday I was fed up.

I cut it myself. It is not perfect but it will *hopefully* get the hair out of her face a little and make it seem a little less scraggly. And I didn't have to pay $30 for it. Not bad I must say.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More Swings

I remembered to bring the camera to the park this time. Lily-swinging/pumping her legs all by herself and being silly to boot. That's my girl.

Saturday night Kathe and Kendra invited us girls to a Choir of the Sound concert- featuring all Disney songs. Lily sat on my lap for most of it-we snuggled and sang along if we knew the words a little. When "Under the Sea" started from The Little Mermaid she immediately started moving her hands all over as if they were little fishies under the water. I loved how she obviously felt connected to the music and we were both happy for that special moment- sitting together, singing and moving our hands like fishies.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


On Monday afternoon we got a short repreive from the rain and the sun finally came out. As soon as I saw that sun peeking through the clouds- I told the girls to "get themselves dressed cause we're goin' to the park- and we'll bring a towel in case everything is wet- cause I just wanna get the heck outta the house!"

They played and ran and climbed. They chased and slid down the slides. They brought me daisies and dandelions and I put them in my hair.

They went on the swings next to each other and other than a gentle push to get them started both of them pumped their legs and were swinging all by themselves. I couldn't believe it. I am not even sure how they both learned since the last time they were on the swings. I wish I had remembered my camera- I was so proud of them both- and it was awesome sitting and relaxing- enjoying the sun- while the girls were girls- big girls now. Amazing.