Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So beautiful!

My roses are blooming! They are so beautiful! I don't think Martin knew when he bought them, but the yellow with the orange edges are my very favorite colors on a rose! We have at least 10 probably more rosebuds blooming or ready to bloom. I love our little porch garden so much! How lucky am I?


For some reason Lily has been extra clingy these last few days- needing lots of love and cuddles and encouragement. Maybe it is the pre-kindergarten jitters creeping up on us...

Lily: I am going to wear you as my clothes Mommy and then we will be together all day!

Lily: I am never going to grow up and leave. I want to stay with you forever, even when I'm in college!

Lily: (squeezing me) I am never going to let you go!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lily's Thoughts on Blogging

Last night I pulled up this blog on my computer to start working on the camping post. Lily was sitting with me and got very excited when the home page came up. She yelled, "Hey! That is the same as what Gramma Deb has!" I realized that she really has no concept- that they are in fact the same page and that it is all made possible by the Internet. It really got me thinking. Actually this is a topic I have been kind of mulling over for awhile but Lily's interjection made it seem all the more relevant. With some prompting, here is what Lily had to say when I asked her what she thought of My Lily Flower the blog:
Crazy! It's weird because it is driving me crazy. It goes message to message to people. To everybody in our family. (Laughing hysterically) Do you I think I could eat a whole birthday cake with the candles burning? Why do people like to look at my Lily blog? Because of the lily flowers and because they like me.

I'd like to get her thoughts about it a little more seriously some time because what she thinks about it matters. I know that since her conceptualizing the whole "Internet" thing is still a ways off I have some time before she is absolutely mortified that I would share this stuff about our family on the ENTIRE world wide web. Until then though I'll try to make the best judgement calls I can. And hopefully get some more interesting answers out of her when she isn't literally bouncing off the walls like she was last night.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adventures in Tent Camping

The girls-packed in tight and ready to go.
I would consider my first camping trip acting as the parent/grown up- and Lily's first camping trip um ever...a complete success. Reason being 1)We didn't forget to bring anything major like the tent or can opener and 2)We all made it home in one piece. What more could we ask for? What would camping be with out a few minor hiccups along the way though?
We are officially blue tarp campers.
Don't mind the wonky tarp/rope set up though, k?
When we arrived on Friday the weather was a bit iffy- mostly cloudy and more than a bit chilly, at least to me. We'd barely had time to get the tent set up when the rain started quite suddenly. At first we decided to see how the tent would hold up to the weather but it became obvious within seconds that we were going to need to bust out the blue tarp. Luckily we got the tarp up quickly and the rain stopped fairly soon after that.

The campground we went to in the Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest was great. It had river access, was relatively quiet and also sheltered a bit from the weather. The sites were spaced nicely and we didn't have (or cause?) too much trouble from anyone else there. There was a lot to explore there so we think that we could easily go back and not be bored.

Martin pans for gold while the girls find magical golden rocks.
Of course the weather didn't really fully clear up until we woke up this morning - which is completely inevitable, no? I hope a little later in the summer when we go again we'll have a bit warmer weather.
So overall I am proud of all of us for getting along, mostly, and having fun and trying new things with the  minimum of negativity.


Lily: Look at my stick!

Mommy: Be careful with it- if you poke someone in the eye do you know what that means?

Lily: What?

Mommy: Hospital. It's dangerous.

Lily: Why is the hospital dangerous?

Mommy: ....

Holy Heck, were we arguing about semantics? What have I created?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Silhouettes

This is what I made Martin for Father's Day, it was fun : )

I just love these oh so lovely and cute girls! I think Martin does too. We are so lucky....so lucky in fact Lily is with my Mom for a few days this week giving the two of us a much needed and appreciated break!!!

Love the silhouettes? Want one? I would LOVE to make more but I think our household can only hold so many, ya know? So if you're interested let me know. Oh- and it doesn't have to be a silhouette of my kids either LOL.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Lily Flower

Remember this picture? It was taken on my birthday in 2006. Lily cut her first tooth that day- bottom front left. I tried taking a picture but it turned out unrecognizably blurry. It was an exciting day I remember because she was one of the last babies in our group of friends to cut a tooth. And she was just so darn cute!


Lily has been complaining off and on about her front bottom teeth hurting for a couple weeks now. The dentist said it was fine and didn’t see any reason why it should be hurting. I figured she might be feeling a bit of the pain from a cavity that is on one of her back teeth- which is getting filled next month.

Wednesday night, the day after my birthday, we were snuggling in bed and she said, “Mommy! Look my tooth is loose!” She pulled down her lip and wiggled her bottom left tooth with her with her pointer finger. This time it really did move- and not just a little.

My first reaction was to gag and throw up a little in my mouth because I have a phobia of teeth falling out. But then I realized it is very nearly five years to the day that her very first tooth came in and it seemed kind of fitting and a little exciting.
It won't be long until the tooth fairy visits, we'll be counting missing teeth instead of new ones and taking super cute "missing tooth" pictures.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Preschool Graduation

We were at Lily's school last night for her Preschool Graduation. She's very excited for summer..though I can't imagine the summer program there is THAT much different than what she is in now...but I'm not going to try and spoil the fun : )

We did sign her up for some fun activities though...crafting, science, gymnastics...I'm sure it will be a blast for her...then off to Kindergarten on September 1st. Man, time flies...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Shh..don't tell Lily

but...um....cutest baby EVER!!! Happy birthday to me I got to snuggle and smooch on him all afternoon : )

Auntie Sarah and Baby Deven

Friday, June 10, 2011

My week

Birthday plans

Bad attitudes

A Tiny Teacup peace offering


More Excercise

Scheduling Conflicts

Dreaming about Potato Burritos and Margaritas

Card Making


Remembering this:

Staying up too late

Waking up too late

Holding hands

Being thankful for all of it...

Watchout weekend- here I come!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Snohomish Spray Park

Saturday we totally blew off all our chores/to do list and went to the park instead. This was the first time we had been to this park but it was great. Water and toys, trails and a beautiful view. A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all. I hope we can make this a "regular" spot this summer.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to me!

You have got to be kidding me. 3 years???? And I still feel like such a baby with all this blog stuff.

I've told so much of our life story here- especially Lily's. I think she'll never have any doubt that she wasn't constantly on my mind when she reads this blog someday. Well, she might be embarassed at first but I think one day she'll get it.

So much has changed for me and our family in the last 3 years- so much of it for the better. I'm hoping for lots more fun and adventure this summer- and beyond. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to.

Thanks for all of your support, interest and encouragement the last 3 years!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is up with Walmart?

About half an hour into our road trip last weekend I knew something wasn't right. A quick check on Kendra in the back seat confirmed my suspicions. She looked sickly and pale and had stopped watching the DVD the girls had been so excited about. Right away I knew I'd seen that look before.

Last year as the girls and I were driving home from our vacation at Fort Warden I saw it. She complained about her neck hurting and looked a bit green in the face. Only seconds later, just as we were crossing the mid span of the Hood Canal Bridge, she started throwing up. Everywhere. If you know that bridge, you know it is not the place to mess around- much less pull over. Tight lanes and high winds make it pretty dangerous, so the only thing I could do was to say, "Just hold on! We'll pull off as soon as we can!" Of course we can't leave out the mass hysteria- Lily crying over the smell, Kendra crying because she was literally covered in puke and me crying because heck if I knew how many miles it would be until I could pull over and then what???

This time, thankfully, I was a little more prepared and not driving. I grabbed the nearest plastic bag and told her to hold onto it- just in case, though I knew there was no way this was going to be a "passing nausea" type situation.

The first place we were able to stop was Walmart and she threw up just as we pulled into the parking lot. I left Martin to help Kendra to get out of the van while I ran into the store to get Dramamine and wipes to clean up the mess.

I'd never been to that particular Walmart before, well any Walmart for that matter, for a very long time. Looking at the store from the outside on the far left was a drive through pharmacy though so I figured I had an idea of where to head once I got inside "the maze." Wrong.

Not only was the Pharmacy not on that side of the building (that was the meat department, silly me!), it was clear across the entire store- which is a long way in a Walmart Super Store. Then I waited for ten minutes in line (three customers) just to ask where the Dramamine was in one of their eight aisles of pills, syrups and vitamins.

Of course when it came to checking out there were only 4 check stands open in the whole place and for some reason I got in the line with a 78 year old checker and behind the couple who couldn't figure out how to divide up all their purchases and pay separately.

A minimum of 15 minutes in that store for two items. Anyway, just once, wouldn't it be nice to find someone in that store who actually knows where things are and items that don't take a GPS device to find?

Ugh. This is one of the many reasons I avoid Walmart religiously.