Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Fake out...

We went to the grand opening of the new South Lake Union Park on Saturday. It was unexpectedly warm and beautiful- an awesome day to check out the new fountain, tour some boats and see some of the amazing beauty of the city we live in. I love taking Lily to new and exciting places to explore.

Almost looks like summer, huh? I was definitely warm enough- warmer than most actual summer days we had. But we were grateful for the day- and after being sick with something really nasty at the end of last week I was really glad to be feeling well enough to be outside having fun.

Lily: Mommy, where is Martin?
Mommy: He went fishing instead of going to work today.
Lily: But Mommy, he's going to lose his job!


So with the start of fall comes....you guessed it...my baking bug. Hehe. I found a caramel corn recipe the other day that looks awesome. That got me thinking about baking....now I want Pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies and that got me thinking about other kinds of cookies...russian tea cakes....peanut butter balls...and I really want to make another loaf of bread (but that is definitely a weekend thing) Except maybe not this weekend 'cause apparently I have a coffee date ; )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One year ago...

If someone had said to me last September 19th that my life was about to take a seriously unexpected twist, I would have said, "Yeah, right." Then maybe, "Wait, how?" But I never in a million years would have guessed.

I didn't guess that this cute dad that showed up to Lily's birthday with his daughter was single (at first)...

I didn't guess that he'd be interested in me...

I didn't guess that we would start having play dates with the girls-Trick or Treating, the Children's Museum... Zoo Lights...

I never would have guessed that we'd start hanging out more and more...and that I would have the nerve to ask if he wanted to get coffee sometime- without the kids.

I never dreamed that he would say yes and we'd have an awesome first date on December 5th- spent wandering and playing in downtown- all lit up with Christmas lights and spirit.

I never guessed where it would go...never dreamed that I would meet someone like him. For a long time wasn't sure I deserved someone like him. And now looking back a year later I don't want to imagine where I would be without him.

Martin- I am so thankful you are in my life- more than you know.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

: )

At exactly 8:56 am - 5 years ago you were born. The most beautiful baby I'd ever seen- and now the most beautiful, sweet and smart little girl! Love you Lily!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Party

My sooo big 5 year old had a great birthday party filled with fun and chaos. Imagine my apartment with six kids 5 and under and six adults- laughing, playing, eating and going crazy. Phew! I am exausted. Here's a link to a few of my favorite pictures.

Lily's 5th Birthday Party

Lily's Birthday Present from me*

Yesterday Lily had her birthday party- we had lots of fun...more on that in the next post. But this is the birthday present I spent so much time on the last couple weeks.

*Like I said on Friday I had sooo much help from my Dad, John, and Briana- as well as Martin who played with the girls- giving me the free time I needed to get this done.

Dollhouse- BEFORE

This is some of the work that was done on the dollhouse... First Briana primed it (painted most of it white to get it ready) then brought it over to my Dad's garage. I did some gluing and measuring- then bought some extra balsa wood to make replacement parts for missing roof section, dormer, and window trim.

Briana and I designed, cut and glued the new Dormer window and John glued the new window trim. Then I did more gluing on the roof piece I added.

Finally the painting...we used paint Dad had on hand from when he painted Maddie's room. Teal for the outside, chocolate brown for the roof. I painted the inside plain white thinking Lily and I could choose some of the colors she wants later. Dad, John and I all painted the roof shingles.

I covered the stairs and floors in wood grain printed contact paper. Dad picked an aged looking paper for wallpaper in one room and did some extra trim and detail work. Finally I brought it home and chose a few pieces of the dollhouse furniture Briana gave me for her to start with.

Dollhouse- AFTER

Lily loves it (Kendra too!). They've been playing with it ever since we gave it to her yesterday afternoon. We got out all her Polly Pockets etc and they have a whole set up all over the coffee table. Now I just have to find a table or something for her to put it on so it cabn go in her bedroom.

I'm so excited about how it turned out and proud of all the work everyone put into it. Wahoo!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Preparations Etc.

We've had a crazy week this week- tons going on and a lot of preparations for Lily's birthday party tomorrow. I think Martin is SO OVER hearing about all this party stuff...so I'm posting here. Hehe. All the girls we invited RSVP'd so we'll have 5 little princesses at our house for Lily's 5th birthday. We have some fun games planned and projects...and food and cake...and music. Lily is practically beside herself with the anticipation.

My budget for the party turned out just right. I got everything I needed-under budget- mostly because Lily's birthday present from me was practically free (other than time)...but more on that later. So I came in under budget by $37 dollars! Oh, also under budget because I scratched the fondant cake idea. Too much time and too many materials!!!

With the extra I bought Lily some clothes that she desperately needs. I got her 4 things at Fred Meyer for only $20 dollars- on sale plus 15% off coupon. That poor girl, she's a ragamuffin I tell you. Totally my fault. Over the summer all her pants were getting to short and I was like "Look- they are capri pants!" Now it is too chilly for capris  : ( Super sad about upon us already fall weather.

Earlier in the summer I also got her these cute Fancy Nancy shoes-thinking they would last awhile. After probably wearing them three times she jumped in the mud and got them super dirty. It took me forever to remember to clean them up- like three weeks. By the time I did they were too small. Any one know anyone giving away size nine girls shoes and size 5t girls clothes???? I seriously can't keep up!

So I will have tons of pictures up tomorrow afternoon after the party I am sure and I can't wait to post the pictures of her present- Dad, John, Briana and I all put time and effort in and I am so proud of the finished product. I hope she like it as much as we all do. So thanks to everybody who helped!

Oh-I forgot- I just realized today that I have been telling Lily her "real" birthday is this coming Wednesday ...oops it is actually Tuesday...so I've been a day off this whole time for whatever reason. Haha. At least it is one day less and not one day more. I want to bring some treats to her school for her but not necessarily cupcakes...anyone have any peanut free ideas???

I know you all are on the edge of your seats...so stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kendra starts Kindergaten

The super sucky part is that we weren't able to go with her to school this morning...but Kathe took pictures and she said she did really well. We are so poud of her for being such a big girl and having an awesome first day of Kindergarten.

Kendra- WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On August 28th we had the BBQ at our house with my dad and family. It was nice enough for them to all go in the pool- and hot tub. We've gone in the pool once more since then- which I think will be the last for this season : (

Lily: What the swifterchips? (Ok, kid, now you are just making stuff up...)

So yesterday Martin blew up a few small water balloons- with air- the girls were playing and fighting over them all afternoon...Martin and I were in the kitchen cleaning up when I barely see Miss Kendra in their room with two umm...strategically placed water balloon sized ummm..lumps under her shirt. I told Martin- and another look confirmed it. I, of course, burst out laughing but trying to hide it as he tried to tell her to stop and take them out. I'm not 100% convinced it was inappropriate...but what do you do? I was at a loss- but also laughing so hard I almost cried. Hope I don't get in big trouble for posting this but....oh boy was it hilarious. Any advice for dealing with pretend boobies???? LOL. I don't want to crush their imaginations... and I know it wasn't out of any inappropriate spirit...probably curiosity.... but????


Special shout out to Martin for all of his amazing help this weekend...I've been a bit preoccupied and busy with Lily's birthday stuff so a big thank you for being so entertaining for the girls so I could get my stuff done! Martin-You are the best and I feel so lucky to have a "partner in crime" like you!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long Beach and more pictures

I just can't ask for more than a few days away with all these great people. Although parts of the trip were a bit rough I must say making these memories together makes me so happy. It wasn't easy- money is always super tight- but we did it on a limited budget and still had great fun. And you all know "budget" is my specialty. We brought all our own food, camped in a tent in Martin's aunt yard- and for the most part stayed away from most of the touristy temptations in "town"- like the kite shops and candy stores. I wouldn't trade any of it...well maybe getting soaked in the rain as we tried to pack up to leave- but other than that good fun had by all.  
Exploring the Pier at Ilwaco

Love this picture of Lily relaxin' in the sand

Ummm...aren't we adorable???

Um, how is it almost Labor Day weekend already??? Any why was it 50 degrees and raining here this week?? I'm not ready for summer to be over!!!!!

Ooh ooh...I'm so excited to get Lily's birthday present together...she's going to be sooo excited...but I can't tell you...it is a surprise!!! We have a "kid free" weekend the weekend before her party..I am going to be one busy mama getting it all together. Sorry I'm rambling...good night everybody!