Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This sums it up...

A quote from another blog I follow:

"Just because my blog is quiet- doesn't mean our house is!"

How true it is. Lily and I are constantly on the go- doing something- going somewhere- having people over ; ) etc etc. It might be a week or so between posts- or maybe the stuff we're doing generally doesn't merit a whole blog post- but rest assured we are keeping busy- having lots of fun and relatively few meltdowns.

As you know Lily is starting to write a little and the other day she drew a whole group of people (heads, arms, legs, faces) that actually looked like people for the most part. So cute. I'll take a picture to post later. She is always changing and learning- but the changes at this age seem to be a little more subtle - they kind of sneak up on you - they may not be huge developmental milestones- but always something to be proud of.

Her favorite toys right now are the Polly Pockets from Christmas and the Thomas the Train sets. I'm constantly stepping on all the little pieces- fun! Though I will say her favorite toy changes from day to day and moment to moment. You never know what will be the most important thing to her at any particular time (did I mention she always keeps me on my toes??) She also loves getting into whatever craft project I am working on- cards, stamping or painting (mostly painting). But as most of you know art and crafts are in her blood so no one is really surprised she has a knack for artistry.

We haven't been outside too much lately but when we are she's learning to be a little more brave on climbing toys- though we still have a ways to go on this issue. She just seems to prefer her feet planted firmly on the ground which is OK with me. I never have to worry about her jumping off anything too high or climbing up the wrong way. So she's saving me a heart attack here and there.

My proudest moments recently are how well she has done with Auntie Joeleen and Uncle Dat and Auntie Briana too. They have been amazing babysitters this last month and a half- since Lily hasn't been going to her dad's house. She has done such a great job and it has allowed me to get a tiny bit of free time (huh, what is that???) I can't believe how big she is getting and the mommy guilt of leaving her over night was tough- but I know it is good for her in the long run- and me too. She's just not the little baby attached to my hip anymore : (

I can't believe it but she is already starting the "I hate school" bit. I'm not sure if she is just tired in the morning or if school is boring or what, but it seems like we have to go through it almost everyday. She says she just wants to stay home with me- and break my heart while you're at it why don't ya?- but we get tired of each other when we spend too long as each other's sole companions. Really. Of this I have to keep reminding her.

So onto a new year filled with new adventures-we are excited to see what amazingly fun and funny things we'll come up with to keep ourselves and our blog readers entertained. So long 2009!