Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A couple new pictures...

I was painting a frame for our picture from Zoo Lights and Lily wanted to paint too. I think hers turned out even better than mine. She painted lots of dots and used a ton of glitter paint. She was so excited about it she wanted to give it to Poppa for his birthday last weekend. Sweet Girl!

This picture really shows me how much she is growing up- her face is changing a lot- I think she is starting to look more like me...but much cuter! She kinda looks like Maddie too I think....
So we've been having lots of adventures lately. Lily stayed over night with Autie Joeleen and Uncle Dat (all night!!) last weekend and did a great job. Of course Joeleen and Dat made it super fun for Lily and she can't wait to go back. And...I got a night off!! Whoohoo! Awesome!
Last night Lily and I made chocolate chip cookies to bring to our dinner over at Lily's friend's house tonight. She is getting good at cracking eggs and helping me measure.
Who knows what we'll be up to this weekend...more fun I'm sure.
Heard this week at our house:
Lily: Some people's houses are made of fuzz.
Lily: Floyd's tail was in the water- I am not kidding you mom.
We borrowed a SpongeBob DVD from Poppa's house a couple weeks ago (when our extended cable got taken away) that has about 10 different episodes. Lily can literally recite with each episode all of the dialogue. Pretty scary.