Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good dirty fun.

So we may not have a yard but Lily still found a way to get down into the dirt.

We had lots of fun visiting family this weekend for my Aunt TT's birthday too.
Aunt TT's 50th Birthday Party

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pre Mid-Life Crisis????

So I haven't been posting a lot lately or even taking very many pictures. I think there are a couple reasons for this:
1) Time. I swear my life is flashing before my eyes. As soon as one thing is finished another thing starts and before you know it a year has gone by and nothing has changed. Ok, maybe not a whole year but seriously past the everyday mundane stuff I absolutely have to get done and sleeping a bit here and there I swear I have very little actual time left over. Bleh. Kind of annoying.
2) Motivation. Or lack thereof. When I get two seconds to myself I've been on a reading kick. Diana Gabaldon Outlander series- the first book. So playing on my computer doesn't seem as enticing as reading this great story for like 30 seconds at a time between boiling the noodles for dinner and getting the frozen veges out of the microwave. Seriously. I read in between steps cooking dinner. That's when I find time- oh and about ten minutes at lunch time. Unless I decided to be unreasonably tired the next day and stay up after Lily goes to sleep- very rare however. Anyway- I guess that is the roundabout way of saying...meh...I think I need a little break then maybe I'll have some new ideas. Which brings me to my next issue. Don't worry I won't run out of issues- I promise.
3) I have great ideas for posts but then get so busy I can't remember what they were or never have the time to devote to a seriously written post. Grr. Or like today I made some really cute baby shower favors for the shower at my work together and I forgot to take a picture to post them. Dang it. I always give my work away and then remember that I wanted a picture- not even just to post but for future reference in making other things. Double Grr.
4)I can barely begin to describe this issue but it has to do with peace, a simple life, feeling restless, the devil and other such interesting things. Read The Devil and Mrs. Prymm by Paul Coelho. It really gives some perspective on the good and bad in people and how paradise can also be hell. But not necessarily. I know-cryptic- but it would probably end up being a several page essay if I got into it. Moving on...
5) The last thing I am dealing with right now is feeling like I am making a difference in this world. I mean I recycle, donate when I can, help people with their finances at work etc etc..but I'm just not sure it's enough. I got another email from Heifer Project International the other day. I love their program. For years I have wondered how I can do more with that company- other than donate money which I don't really have. Ug. So frustrating. Everything costs money!!! Everything. And it keeps coming back to me - how can I do more??? Now I know you're saying, wasn't your number one issue time? Aren't you crazy for wanting to take on more? Very possibly.... I don't know. But I have to change something or else everything will stay the same.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sleepy cat

The other day I woke up in the middle of the night because I kept hearing this weird noise. It was kind of squeaky but very even- like a squeak every few seconds. I knew it wasn't Lily because I could hear her breathing lightly beside me- then I realized the heavy weight I felt on my legs was Floyd- and when I listened a little harder I realized it was him- snoring! So cute- a little squeak then wshhh squeak wshhh. So funny. I made sure not to disturb our sleepy cat!

Pictures of Floyd By Lily

Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Quotable Lily...

Heard at our house lately:

She's the fighty chick.
And how do you explain this?
He's just a crazy cat.
You're Special...why? Cause you're a grape.
I have gold. My boogers are gold.

On another note today I was pushing Lily on her bike in Poppa's driveway and she pedalled all by herself for a minute- like actually moved the bike all by herself- without me holding on! I was so happy. She has never really shown much interest in doing it all by herself but today she was controlling all of the steering and was having a blast making us go in circles! So silly. Totally made my day.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoo Adventure

We had lots of fun on our day at the Woodland Park Zoo. I was happy because I used a coupon and got Lily in free- and it was an overcast day so the crowds were low and the weather was cool but nice. Lily was happy because she loved the Tigers, Giraffes, Hippos, and Flamingos. We had a picnic lunch and by the end of our day Lily was worn out- and me too from all the walking- and some carrying of a heavy almost 4 year old! Welcome to the Zoo Lily!

Lily shows me her Flamingo stuffed animal- her "treat" for the day

The stinky Giraffe as Lily called him
Lily and Me spending the day together? Priceless!
Love you sweetheart! Thanks for a super fun day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We interrupt our usual broadcast...

Sarah and John Pell are amazing people. I haven't seen them in seven years- but check out their blogs Emma Pell and Family and The Story of a Family and you will know too. The two of them while I was at Western were: inspirational, smart, funny, dedicated, and possibly the best mentors around. (Don't blush guys!) And after this many years through the power of Facebook I ran across Sarah's name. I had been thinking of her anyway but couldn't for the life of me remember her married name. Oops. Then one day- everything happens for a reason, right?- her name came up in the "Friend Suggestion" section. It was good timing here's the meat of this post.

I found out that John and Sarah continue to be amazing people and are in the process of adopting a little boy from Ethiopia- a little brother for their cute 2 year old daughter Emma. But it takes a village, right? And of course money to make their dream a reality- to give this special little boy a chance in life. On their website they have a link to the Abba Fund- this company is helping them fund their adoption. Click the link for more information.

If adoption has touched your life- or the life of someone you know- or you feel compelled-or are looking for a way to fulfill your random act of kindness for the day- please take the time to donate as little or as much as you feel is right- or if you can't donate today but know someone who might be interested- would you mind passing their website on?

Thank you everyone for taking the time to listen. I know its not my usual topic but I'd love to see them reach their goal- and I know they would too. Thanks again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Loads of fun

I ended up taking Friday and Today off so I've had an awesome long weekend. Lily was with her Dad for part of it- so while she was gone I kept really busy. I cleaned the carpets (thank god- they were so gross!), made Baby Shower favors for the two ladies at work whose shower is next week, did lots of shopping (I really need a filing cabinet, but I couldn't find the "one"). I also hung out with Brianna at her house and we went on an adventure Sunday afternoon organized by the Meetup group she belongs to. We went to River Valley Ranch in Fall City that makes specialty cheeses from Goat, Cow, Yak, and Water Buffalo milk. Very tasty- we got to have a wine and cheese tasting and tour their farm. So much fun- so many cute animals. Afterwards we drove a short way up the road to Snoqualmie Falls. The falls were at a pretty low volume but it was a beautiful warm day and lots of fun.
Stay tuned (probably later today or tomorrow) for an update on our trip to the zoo today- for now I have a four year old demanding that I "get off that computer!"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Question

How on earth does my daughter know what police tape is? (And how to identify it and properly place it in a sentence?)

Heard this week:

Lily: That man has fur on his head!

Lily: I don't speak toy!

Lily: I'm going to eat my eyeballs. They get juicy then pop out then I'll eat them. I'll eat your eyeballs too.

Lily: Oh noodles!

Lily drops the feather she found off of the jungle gym. I jump down to pick it up and hand it to her. She shouts "Business!" (????)


Today Lily threw probably the worst fit she has ever thrown in a grocery store. I told her we were going to leave and proceeded to the checkout- we only had a few items so I figured I could get through the self checkout relatively quickly. What I didn't consider at the time was that every item I had chosen thus far was some kind of produce that had to be weighed and the code looked up. About halfway through with Lily still screaming at me at the top of her lungs I gave up, threw all the groceries into the basket, handed them to the cashier and walked outside. The icing on the cake was when I realized Lily had a fruit roll-up in her hand that I had to either pay for or give back. I pried it out of her spasming fingers and left- with I think every person in the store staring at us. An absolutely unbearable embarrassment for me- but for her I hope a lesson learned about throwing fits in the store. Later she asked for one of the plums we "bought" and I reminded her that because of her fit we weren't able to bring those groceries home. Will it quell future fit throwing? Highly doubtful considering at this very moment she's yelling at me for some other mysterious reason- oh yeah, tomatoes that are yellow are not ready to pick and we have to wait. It's terrible I tell you.

This last week has been so hot and pretty much miserable I haven't taken any pictures. Lily was sick-the apartment has been a sauna and sleep has been fleeting at best. Well- it's cooled down somewhat now- so I actually had the energy work on my laptop that emanates so much heat for more than a couple minutes. Hopefully this week will be a little easier- and I think I have Friday off work...haven't gotten the okay yet but I think it will work out. I might take Monday off too and the plan is to take Lily to the Zoo...but don't say anything to her because I haven't got it all planned out yet ; )