Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lily's Birthday Party

We celebrated Lily's birthday with her friends at Paint the Town this weekend. I tried to keep it pretty low key with just a couple kids. It went well and turned out to be really fun. I can't wait to pick up the pieces we painted next weekend and see how they turned out. Lily asked for leaf cupcakes so we did a google search and came up with an idea to do chocolate cupcakes with colored fondant in the shape of leaves. While we were shopping I found a cute ceramic owl and had the idea to make paper owls to go on top of the cupcakes too. Lily loved them and I had fun working with the fondant for the first time.
At Paint the Town the girls all got to pick one piece to paint- I think some of the concept went a bit over their heads like the glaze layering etc but each of them worked very diligently to finish and the amount of time we had to paint was just about right- with enough time for cupcakes and presents at the end. Then of course, how could we resist playing in the fountain for a few minutes before we headed home.

Last weekend she had so much fun bouncing on a backyard trampoline that we decided to give Lily a trip to Sky High with a friend as her birthday present. I can't wait for the next adventure!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Today you are 7

Dear Lily,

Today you are 7. It seems you are on the cusp of something much bigger. You are growing up too fast. Some words that have been used to describe you recently: precocious, smart, sweet, intense and thoughtful.

Your memory astounds me.  I can't believe how much you can remember of things that happened years ago. I am constantly surprised by your attention to detail. You love order and predictability- it makes you feel safe after a year of lots of changes and some really tough stuff.

I never thought I would come to love that gap tooth smile as much as I do. When you laugh you just light up. You make lots of jokes and fall down laughing at them sometimes. Since I bought you a radio to help you sleep at night your love of music has grown. You listen and sing along all the time- just like me. We are always singing buddies in the car. I think your confidence in singing has grown too.

I hope you continue to grow in your self confidence and learn to be comfortable with who you are.I hope you have so much fun being a first grader and making new friends. I hope you always know that you are my baby girl and I love you with my whole heart!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

When the going gets tough...

Look at baby pictures.

Just ignore the incorrect date stamp.

Thinking about the good times to get me through some tough ones. I love my baby girl but man is she giving me a run for my money these days.