Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Haircut!!!!!!

Lily wasn't completely opposed to getting a haircut this morning (when I asked her) so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. It took a little effort to find a place but we ended up at Wallingford Center at Lil' Klippers. They had wooden seats - a train, boat, car, dinosaur, and horse as well as buckets of fun toys and books. Lily did a great job- probably even better because they don't let the parents hover around while the hairdresser works. I had to stand in the waiting area : ( so it was hard to get a good angle for a picture but overall was a great experience and I don't think Lily will have the same kind of anxiety next time she needs a trim. Thank goodness. We also had fun checking out the new toy store there and having a cupcake and Milk from Trophy Cupcakes. Yumm! It turned out to take up much more of our day than originally planned but we had a fun girl's day together and her hair looks soooooo much better already. I think the cut will help with some of the tangling and make it easier to brush in the morning. Here's hoping!
Lily covered her ears when the tickle spray hit her hair.
A special princess cape for Lily
First Cut!

Give me a princess face!

All Done!