Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday...

So I had a great birthday this year! Thanks everyone for their thoughtful gifts and for spending time with me! I can't believe how time has flown by....I've been here in Seattle for a year now! Lily is doing really well this week. She has started helping me a little around the house. We play the clean up game (singing as we clean). She washes dishes, helps set the table and even scrubbed the toilet- willingly! She must be my daughter because she has the cleaning gene- that's for sure. She takes diaper wipes to pretty much anysurface in the house including the TV, windows, mirrors. They are all smudged now with her efforts to help out. Of course I don't want to discourage her so I never let on thatt she usually creates more work for me in the end...Oh well, it is definitely a start and it probably won't last. Finally we've had some nice weather around here which means we've been able to go outside more. Lily loves the duck park and even got to feed the ducks the other day- ducklings too! It was too bad I didn't have my camera. But here are some other pictures from the last few weeks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lily Paints a Pot

Lily helped me paint my new flower pot last night. When I told her we still had to paint the tray that goes under the pot she said "Aww...You gotta be kidding me!" She is so funny. We had a lot of fun though. Thanks Mom for the new plant and pot for my birthday.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ok- a few more pictures...

Lily Blows Bubbles The first snow of the season

Lily in her new shoes Three little pumpkins!

Lily asleep on the Bathroom Floor Want some easter candy Mommy?

Here are a few picture "highlights" from the last year. We have had some adventures that's for sure! Everyday Lily gets more and more personality but also more energetic I think. Getting her to sit still even for a minute to get a good picture is hard. I swear I have more pictures of the side of her head than anything because by the time my camera takes the pictures she has finished her cute smile and "Cheese!" and has already moved onto the next interesting thing (probably something shiny! HAHA.) Yesterday I caught her putting on my chapstick and looking at herself in the mirror. Then she put a ring on one of her stuffed animals and said "Isn't he beautiful!?" Where did this girly-girl stuff come from? Who knows- not to mention that fact that she pretty much won't wear anything but a dress- luckily I can usually get a shirt and pants underneath though so she isn't cold!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone! Instead of trying to send pictures to everyone through email I thought I would start this blog you all can check periodically to see how we are doing. Hopefully I'll keep up with it better than I have been about sending out pictures..haha.

This is Lily and I on her first Ferry ride last weekend...she was so excited that she didn't want to get off the boat!