Friday, July 29, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday

I’ve decided to Participate in Pay it Forward Friday. Here is a list of my favorite blogs- you’ll see them in my sidebar as well- but here I am going to highlight a few and encourage you to take a chance on these guys! You won’t regret it, I promise.

1)      Clever Girl Goes Blog- This is one of the first blogs I ever started reading. I loved her “hubs” stories and her sassy humor.  When she announced her pregnancy late last year her posts dropped off quite a bit and then completely stopped in March. It was a sad day last month when I finally took her off my blogroll thinking Clever Girl was no more. Last night I randomly decided to check in on her and viola! She has started posting again and it was like she never left. Awesome. Can’t wait to hear her latest misadventures and with a newborn I am sure there will be plenty.

2)      Hyperbole and a Half- another blog that makes me literally cry laughing. Her illustrations are graphic, childlike and completely off the wall. There just is no comparison plus she gets herself into some very funny stuff. She hasn’t posted in a while because she’s working on her book (can't wait!). But go read her archives. No really, all of them. You will lose five pounds laughing and laughing and laughing some more. Go. Now.

3)      Toddler Planet- I’ve posted links to Susan’s blog several times. I started reading her blog after that Facebook thing (what do you call it??) where everyone posted a color and it was supposed to be the color of their bra for breast cancer awareness. Well she posted an amazing and heartfelt response to that trend (?). Ever since then, I have been cheering and crying and praying with her and her fight against cancer. She’s just been diagnosed with a recurrence…no princess fights alone.

4)      My Husband Ate All my Ice Cream- I recently started reading her blog after an exchange on Single Dad Laughing’s comment section.  I swear she must be the most driven person ever with all that she has going on. Plus, I can really relate to her “baby Daddy” stories. Sad, I know, but unfortunately a common bond. I have to pimp her out too for getting the word out on so many blogs with “Blogger Idol 2011” – which is where I got the idea for this post as well. SO MUCH GOOD READING! Thank you Heather.

5)   Her Bad Mother- I said this weekend at my girls group that I didn't live vicariously through anyone...but this may be my one little slip up. Don't judge. You know you want to be her. She writes amazingly, has perfectly edited photos and insights that makes me think every time. Jealous? Not really...she is just so great and I want to grow up to be like her : ) And I want that Epiphane bag even though I have never thought twice about a hand bag in my life.

Well there you have it...a few of my favorite blogs...gosh there are so many more that make me laugh and cry and everything in between though. Give them some love too and click on their links in my sidebar!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where I'm From

I saw this Where I'm From poem on the blog Redeeming the Table. I liked it. I am passing it on (writing my own). Feel free to do the same. Click here for the template.

I am from homemade blackberry jam. From Disney’s Robin Hood, fudgecicles and Nickelodeon.

I am from a house on a cul-de-sac in the woods, squishy mud and frog ponds, the rock creek and forts made from trees and bushes.

I am from a snapdragon flower in a raised garden, a rhubarb plant growing like a weed and a dandelion gone to seed. I am from enormous piles of raked autumn leaves.

I am from the artist’s family tradition, the bring your sketchbook everywhere and never stop creating custom. Never stop creating.

I am from Norma and Tom- the Knights of Columbus. From Marilyn and Johnny- constants in a tumultuous time. From Dad- my dad- so much alike in too many ways.

I am from the Type A personality trait, of the 'tight grip on reality' gene. I'm from thinking too much and logical explanations.

From “Lord, thank you for the food that is before us now” family dinners. From Daddy’s Princess, Shirley Temple and rag tie braids.

I am from Catholicism- too rigid to comprehend divorce- yet I remember the Magic Penny Love song the most.  I am from Christianity, with its unanswered questions, left behind somewhere on the path I’ve chosen.

I’m from the Pacific Northwest with whispers of Ireland, Wales and Germany trailing behind me, from cabbage rolls and green bean casserole. Snicker doodles and Almond Roca.

From my father’s cross country journey ending here in the Evergreen State, from a hairdresser’s chair and a cold ceramic sink. From kittens born under the front porch and from playing in the water filled tub outside on a hot summer day.

I am from the photos on walls and in albums and boxes- documentation that I was there. From family camping trips, and ocean adventures captured by the camera and living in my memory. I am from the shelves of mementos, pictures, figurines and art.

I saved the seashells in sand and the beach glass. So much more.

Small treasures that recall where I’m from.

It was hard to choose what to write for each section because there are so many memories- I could probably write three or four more of these and they would all be completely different. What do you think? I'm stretching my writing muscles a little bit here...

If you pass it on (write one of your own)- send me a link- I'd love to read yours.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lily is back from Gramma Deb's House

Lily: Mommy, I've got a headache.

Mommy: How come you have a headache?

Lily: It's this country music. I just can't listen to it.

Man I missed that girl. She cracks me up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mt Rainier Camping

Martin and I camped (no kids!) this last Saturday through Monday at the White River Campground at Mt. Rainier National Park. I may or may not have been there before- but if I have I don't remember so let's pretend not. Our campsite was cute with a little stream between our car and site with a bridge. The noise of the stream made it really feel like we were alone out there (see below).

The weather was a bit iffy but the campground was practically empty and we got to do some serious relaxing. We also got to do an awesome hike that totally kicked our butts. I think the only thing getting us down after climbing nearly 2200 feet in elevation was the promise of Rum and Coke and a campfire at the bottom. Seriously. It seemed like quite an adventure for us though because the middle half of the trail was still snow covered. We had to find trail markers on trees to find our way- so crazy!
When we got to the top we were starving for lunch. As soon as we got out our sandwiches a couple Gray Jay birds came begging for food. They were so acclimated to people they actually hopped on my shoe and Martin's lap to try and get at our lunch. They were cute but I was also a little scared that if I didn't give them something they were going to call all their Gray Jay friends and peck my eyes out.

We got back to camp to relax and literally the entire "Loop C" was empty except for us. Then about 8 o'clock this family drives up and sets up in the camp spot RIGHT NEXT TO US. Out of all the sites. Luckily they went to bed right away and didn't bother us but really? There were at least 20 other sites to choose from in our loop- much less the other three loops. Whatever. We didn't let it spoil our campfire fun for the night. Who says s'mores are just for kids???

Since when we hiked up to Sunrise the mountain was completely covered in clouds, Monday we drove up and got to take a look in the sun. What awesome views! I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful and amazing place.

We've got one more camping trip planned in August but we may change our reservations. We'll have to see. This summer is just flying by but I guess time flies when you're having fun!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure

Help my friend and coworker Brianna reach her goal for the 3 Day walk in Seattle in September...

Click here to visit her personal page and make a donation.

Thanks for your support.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Told Ya!

Lily's First Story

Lily wanted to write a story the other day but I was in the middle of something else. I told her for the spelling she should just make her best guess and not worry about if it was right or wrong.

This is her story:

"One day some people went to Lowe's" (then some word's I'm not sure of). The drawing is a girl with a cane walking to Lowe's and some fairies flying with her.

Next Page: We went to paint our toenails.

I love it. This is the part I love so much. I love when she tries her best and is proud and happy with her hard work. It doesn't always happen that she can handle not getting everything just perfect. Though she was pretty grumpy about the fairy wings not turning out how she wanted.

Love that girl!

PS- OMG that tooth is dangling I tell you! I gag/pretend not to gag every time I look at it. We may just have a visit from the tooth fairy tonight!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I guess that pretty much sums it up.

Music: Enya "Wild Child"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More City Adventures

We took the bus downtown again Saturday afternoon. Lily has been begging to go on another bus ride and we ran out of rice so we decided it would be an adventure to ride down to Uwajimaya. We just love seeing what we can find in that store. Plus, it really did turn out to be an adventure after we weren't sure of the exact bus route/schedule we needed to take to get there. We had to wing it a bit near the end and backtracked quite a ways but I guess it just added to the adventure.

We walked past Safeco Field and Qwest Field too. Lily was excited about seeing where the Seahawks play. I think it is adorable that she loves rooting for the Seahawks so much. Of course I think she may have been a little more excited if she hadn't already walked a mile or so.

The plaza near Union Station was really interesting. It had a very organic feel to it- not something you usually find in the heart of the city. The Bamboo and naturally shaped benches made it feel like a Zen Garden.

On the bus ride home Lily fell asleep on my lap and I carried her about half of the walk home. I know I shouldn't carry her at all but it proved to me that all the exercising I've been doing must be helping because she felt much easier to carry than she has in a long time.