Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh the drama.

It follows me (or is it following Lily???Not sure.)

Last night we went a Harvest Festival at a local church. I saw their sign a couple weeks ago and thought a Harvest Festival would be a safe place to bring Lily since it probably wouldn't have too many scary Halloween things. Anyway....I was right!(haha) The Harvest Festival was great. As we walked in we got name tags. The greeter asked Lily her name and she said "Lily the Pooh." So cute.

There was popcorn, snocones, music and even a bouncy house. Upstairs they had tons of games to play. For each game played Lily earned a piece of candy and a ticket or two- depending on how many bags she tossed or froggies she leapfrogged etc etc. At the end there was a prize room where the kids could exchange their tickets for prizes.

After playing for awhile we had six tickets and Lily decided she wanted to go check out the prize room. She found a little frog there for three tickets...and then she saw it....for only ten tickets she could get a brand new My Little Pony.

With new determination we set out to conquer a few more games. Now, for this girl waiting in line is like pulling her teeth and the anxiety of earning enough tickets fast enough to go back and get the pony was bringing her dangerously close to meltdown stage.

As luck would have it though she threw two purples in the Egg Bounce game and shot down 4 cups in the Nerf Pumpkin Shoot. We had ten tickets, and after a quick stop to play one last game of bean bag toss, we raced out of the Game Room back to the Prize Room.

In my head I'm thinking worst case scenario- someone already picked it- it will be gone- she'll pick something else, right? Oh no. What actually happened was much more cruel indeed (but don't worry there is a happy ending). We race into the room and literally one second before Lily can reach her little hand out to grab her beloved prize (oh, did I mention there was only one pony???) another little girl picked it right up. Lily's face dropped from complete victory and exhilaration to absolute tragedy in less than two seconds. Complete with wailing and gnashing of teeth. For real.

But, as I said, this story has a happy ending. It turns out the little girl didn't have any tickets to spend yet or maybe didn't have enough- she didn't seem too phased by her dad's "no". I swear we didn't yank the pony out of her hand (seriously). She put the pony down and wandered off. Then, as quickly as I could get Lily to be quiet and see- Triumph! She got her prize. Oh the joy- complete happiness!

I was proud of her. Absolutely shocked by her luck, but still proud. My little Lily the Pooh.