Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh the drama.

It follows me (or is it following Lily???Not sure.)

Last night we went a Harvest Festival at a local church. I saw their sign a couple weeks ago and thought a Harvest Festival would be a safe place to bring Lily since it probably wouldn't have too many scary Halloween things. Anyway....I was right!(haha) The Harvest Festival was great. As we walked in we got name tags. The greeter asked Lily her name and she said "Lily the Pooh." So cute.

There was popcorn, snocones, music and even a bouncy house. Upstairs they had tons of games to play. For each game played Lily earned a piece of candy and a ticket or two- depending on how many bags she tossed or froggies she leapfrogged etc etc. At the end there was a prize room where the kids could exchange their tickets for prizes.

After playing for awhile we had six tickets and Lily decided she wanted to go check out the prize room. She found a little frog there for three tickets...and then she saw it....for only ten tickets she could get a brand new My Little Pony.

With new determination we set out to conquer a few more games. Now, for this girl waiting in line is like pulling her teeth and the anxiety of earning enough tickets fast enough to go back and get the pony was bringing her dangerously close to meltdown stage.

As luck would have it though she threw two purples in the Egg Bounce game and shot down 4 cups in the Nerf Pumpkin Shoot. We had ten tickets, and after a quick stop to play one last game of bean bag toss, we raced out of the Game Room back to the Prize Room.

In my head I'm thinking worst case scenario- someone already picked it- it will be gone- she'll pick something else, right? Oh no. What actually happened was much more cruel indeed (but don't worry there is a happy ending). We race into the room and literally one second before Lily can reach her little hand out to grab her beloved prize (oh, did I mention there was only one pony???) another little girl picked it right up. Lily's face dropped from complete victory and exhilaration to absolute tragedy in less than two seconds. Complete with wailing and gnashing of teeth. For real.

But, as I said, this story has a happy ending. It turns out the little girl didn't have any tickets to spend yet or maybe didn't have enough- she didn't seem too phased by her dad's "no". I swear we didn't yank the pony out of her hand (seriously). She put the pony down and wandered off. Then, as quickly as I could get Lily to be quiet and see- Triumph! She got her prize. Oh the joy- complete happiness!

I was proud of her. Absolutely shocked by her luck, but still proud. My little Lily the Pooh.

OOHHhweeeoohhhooooo(Lily making ghosty sounds)

I thought I had planned a relatively low key kind of Halloween- but it turned out we were pretty busy. We had all kinds of fun and surprisingly few meltdowns. Yeah! Lily was her super cute/goofy self all wrapped up in black and yellow stripes (and don't forget the stinger!)It has been several years since I have done anything remotely significant for Halloween and I was shocked at some of the elaborate costumes- for kids under 5 no less- and at the Lake Forest Park Mall of all places. You all know my favorite word is free so I guess it is no surprise that Lily's costume was a hand me down from a co-worker (not really even worn though). I can't imagine spending more than minimal attention on a costume for her- is it really worth it? I don't know. I mean if you have the time and the money- go for it I guess. I think I must have different priorities...(read "I'm cheap and overall kinda lazy"). Haha. One thing I did remember/reiterate/remind myself of this Happy that I hate crowds of people. Too many people in a single place make Mommy a little crazy- I think even Lily can see it in my eyes when I've just about hit "people overload." I try though-I'm not completely antisocial. We still participate in events- I mean we went the the harvest festival yesterday and trick or treating at the mall today- we just made a break for it as soon as the crowds of people started closing in on me- and Lily conveniently had a meltdown- and we were out the door. Done and done. Thanks kid for saving Mommy from having a panic attack in front of all those people- you're the best! Stay tuned for more Harvest/Halloween adventures!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had fun last night carving our pumpkin. Lily told me what kind of face to draw but didn't want anything to do with the pumpkin guts. We baked the seeds but they didn't taste good-like the ones from the pie pumpkin a couple weeks ago. Then I did all the hard work of scraping and carving. She came back for the official lighting of the pumpkin. Oh yeah- Floyd had fun playing in the pumpkin guts too. Heehee. Sorry you can't see Lily too well on the last one. I had to turn off the flash to get the candlelight but then her face was dark : ( Oh well.

Lily: Mommy I love you so much I'm going to give you a dime.

Lily: Are you going to get old? Who's going to bury you?

Uh freaking me out here kid.


Lily: Hey Mom- there's those dolls you don't like! (Referring to Bratz Dolls)

Lily: Mommy I'm having bad dreams. Can you sing to me? My dreams are scared of your singing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

She's so thoughtful!

Mommy: Look Lily, Auntie Briana brought us some Hot Chocolate!

Lily: Oh, wow! I'm gonna give her some popcorn.

Mommy: Well, that's very nice of you.

Lily: Then she can give us $25 bucks.

Mommy: For what?

Lily: For the popcorn.

Should the girl go into business or what???

My Little Pumpkin..through the years : )

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009
We had fun though Lily hated the mud and the smell of the pumpkin patch- but they had some other fun stuff to do- farm animals, food, and bubbles. I think she had a good time. I love her face completely passed out in the car on the way home- tongue poking out. So cute. Tough picture to get while I was driving though! So I hope this fulfills a little bit of the blogginess you have been missing from me lately. I'm so glad to be feeling a little better.

What we've been up to...

I finally have a little bit of energy to do a post...

Last Friday Lily threw a huge fit in the morning before school. As a consequence there was no TV that night when we got home. When we got home that night she was pretty upset to have her routine changed but then played really well for the rest of the evening. We baked a pumpkin pie and played Chutes and Ladders too. I was upset that it took punishment/consequence to get her to chill out in the morning- but I was really proud of how she accepted the consequences pretty easily. Though she did wake up very early on Saturday asking if she could "Please Please watch Spongebob!"

Right now I have Floyd on my lap, Lily sitting right next to me and I'm trying to type over the top of them both practically- one big happy family- until Lily pets Floyd a little too much and he tries to take a swat at her - she gets upset- he jumps down- and she wanders off- and my lap to myself again- for a minute- maybe. Nope not even a minute...

Floyd and the Sink Bubbles

Awww- so cute- especially his little meow at the end : )

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Asking too much???

OK- so here is my complaint.

Lily got a great new winter coat from Auntie Joeleen for her Birthday- very spiffy- removable lining, hood- reversible the whole works-really. Lily loves it. That day it was 65 degrees last week, she was wearing it- fleece lining and all. Her teachers had to pry it off of her before she died of heat exhaustion.

She also wore it to school last Thursday- the same day APPARENTLY some one at the school thought it would be a good idea to paint a wall that literally every kid has to walk by several times each day in order to get to the outside play area- in the middle of the day. I learned from her teacher that several children (teacher included) got paint on their hands and coats. Um house paint-as in non washable. Lily's brand new coat has streaks of white paint all over it.

Whose brilliant idea was this? Painting? Inside? With small children around? What about the fumes? Why couldn't they paint on the day of the month they so conveniently close at 4:30???

I am somewhat well known at the day care for- how should I put this?? Making my opinion known- passionate really about the kind of care/education my only daughter is receiving. To say the least I am not happy about the whole paint situation.

Part of me is saying "Let it go- it's just a coat! Not life threatening, accidents happen blah blah blah."

But the other part is saying "Hello?? Is there anything going on between your ears??? Are you going to reimburse all these parents now whose children's clothing was ruined???? After all the money I pay each month. What next? Turn the lights on people. Use your brain get engaged- be thought full- stop the auto pilot. Your actions,believe it or not, cause reactions- large or small. "

So that's my rant for the day. I'll probably just let this one go but jeez that irritated me.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lego City

Lily and I built this little city with her Thomas the Train tracks and the Legos she got from Poppa and Gramma Di for her birthday. Lots of fun!

All the trains fit in the little house we made. She's been entertained all afternoon- at least since we got home about 2:30. Love it! I'm so happy to have her home too since she's been gone since Thursday. But I better go- its bath time- for Lily that is.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Send Happy Thoughts

Dear my wonderful and faithful blog readers,

Please send happy healthy thoughts my way if you have any to spare. I've not been feeling well for over a month now and still don't have a clear diagnosis. : (

Or...if you could send a really hot doctor diagnostician man my way- to help speed up the process- that'd be cool too.

As a result, I've been neglecting my blog terribly since it hurts to type too much. So sorry.

More fun soon I hope,