About Me

I'll always be a Gemini- there's no helping that. I waffle back and forth on decisions that need to be made. I feel some kind of dual personality conflict within myself constantly. I'm rational yet creative, logical but emotional.

I'm finding my way to the middle- trying to always balance- in pretty much all aspects of my life. Working, parenting, being a wife and taking care of myself. Thinking about where I want to go and what I want to do with my life, my time- our life, our time etc.

As the kids have grown I've felt the need to share less here about them and what is going on in that aspect. Partly out of their privacy- they are so much more aware now. But also partly because the issues we have are far more complex. We're dealing with self esteem, bullying, counseling and power struggles. We're dealing with two very different girls learning to become sisters. Not the same as a tantruming toddlers and not so simple as cute things kid's say.

I'm figuring out that I just can't do it all so I do what I can and hope for the best on the rest of it.

Questions, comments, compliments, suggestions?

Email me at sarahh614 (at) gmail.com