Monday, November 22, 2010


Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts...although Deven "Peanut" was born at 4:37 last Thursday afternoon- he is doing really well for being such a tiny tiny little baby boy. He has a lot of growing to do before coming home from the hospital- so please keep him in your thoughts.

This weekend we got a little crafty (again!!)

Paper Christmas tree- I got this idea from here.

The new wreath on our front door- Lily picked all the pieces out.

This is what we did this morning on the way to school and work...

View out my office window around noon today...

Lily was so excited for the snow this hour plus commute (normally 15min) was not so exciting. Hopefully I am ok for the ride home. Wish me luck. I HATE driving in the snow- even just a little snow.