Monday, November 1, 2010

More Halloween Fun

This year we went back to Lake Forest Park Towne Center for trick or treating. Martin and I talked beforehand quite a bit about what exactly we wanted to do- neighborhood or mall? Since the weather was supposed to be bad we decided the mall would be best- plus we didn't really know which neighborhoods would feel safe- and we were comfortable with. In the end we decided that neither one of the girls knows any different than mall trick or treating- they don't remember the "good ol' days" of pillowcases full of candy- tons of kids up and down the streets.  Lake Forest Park, like last year, seemed like it would be more festive plus had more activities to keep the girls occupied for a little while.

We went to all the businesses marked with balloons- though I was surprised to see how many businesses have gone out since last year. But it seemed like most who were open participated. We got to see lots of other little kids costumes also. One little girl walked by Lily and said "Fairies must be really popular this year!" Very cute.
After the trick or treating, the commons area at Third Place Books had a group of Mexican musicians and dancers playing traditional Day of the Dead canciones. The music was wonderful and the dancers with their costumes were so fun to watch. They had a large space in front where the kids were also encouraged to dance. Kendra danced very nearly the entire time. Lily took a lot longer to warm up to the idea but got out there toward the end.
After dancing- Kendra and Kathe were getting tired so they headed home while Martin, Lily and I stayed around for some arts and crafts. Lily got face paint- a butterfly- then made a fall leaf wreath, a day of the dead skull mask and a ghostly bookmark. You know me- I had to stick around for the crafts! The camera died as she was getting her face painted so I have no crafty pictures : (
On the way home we saw quite a few decorated houses and some people out and about in a little cul-de-sac near our house. We decided to stop and try a few houses. Lily was surprisingly up for it (must have been the sugar high)- walking around in the dark going up to strange houses. Not our normal routine for sure. But she did a great job- I think the candy was the motivating factor. I'm so glad Martin was with us- I never would have stopped had it been just us girls! Now though she has a taste for it- so we may not get away with mall trick-or-treating next year. We'll have to see.

Friday I left work early so I could go to the Halloween party they had in her classroom. Everyone got to dress up, have treats then go trick or treating in each classroom in the daycare. Only one parent other than me came but since I didn't get to go to the pumpkin farm field trip the week before- so I was cool with this. The kids in her class were super excited I was there (or was it the camera they were loving?) They were all making silly faces at the table as they were eating treats- begging me to take pictures of them.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did this year!