Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lessons in Forgiveness

We had a rough Monday morning. Lily and I both left the house in a huff, grumpy and frustrated after a struggle to FOR THE LOVE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ON TIME!!!! 
In the car Lily said she was sorry about her bad attitude while getting ready but I was still feeling the frustration and couldn't immediately just let it go.
When we arrived at school our attitudes toward each other were still icy at best. I put her blanket in her cubby and turned to go. Though instead of leaving just then, I knelt down in front of her and squeezed her as tight as I could. I gave her the biggest bear hug and when I finally let go and looked at her- I could tell all was forgiven. She smiled. I smiled.

If only for me it was always that easy... though for her it is. The time we spent frustrated and angry melted away with something as simple as a hug. Inherently childlike yet also immensely wise. FORGIVE. BE HAPPY.

Now that is how to start a Monday.