Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crime and Punishment

At home we are really working on getting Lily to stop throwing her little tantrums- more discipline, set consequences and *GASP* actual follow through. Also the threat of the day...

"If you keep this up they'll kick you out of Kindergarten next year!"

Actually that is the real motivation- now that the official Kindergarten Countdown for Lily has begun...we need to smooth out a few uh, "quirks" in her personality-i.e. you can't sit at the breakfast table at school and scream and cry for an hour just because you don't feel like saying, "May I please be excused." Really.

So when the teacher informed me yeasterday of that latest incident we talked it over and decided for that night she would lose her bedtime stories as a consequence. She actually did ok without the stories at bedtime- which made me think that consequence wasn't quite enough to get the "no throwing fits" rule to sink in.

Then, yesterday after school she told me she had thrown *TWO* fits that day- but couldn't really tell me why or what happened. Needless to say I was upset because I was hoping the day before had been enough- though proud of her for telling me what happened. So last night she lost her bedtime stories and TV (which meant no staying up late to watch Survivor with me.)

Now- the kicker- this morning:

Me: So I heard Lily threw two fits yesterday.
Teacher: *BLANK STARE*
Me: Um..she...didn't?
Teacher: No...she wouldn't clean up some puzzles she took out- she lost puzzle privilege for the rest of the day but was fine. No fits though.
Me: Um...well she said she did...and she had consequences last night because of it...oh man. Really?

OK. So now I feel bad...but what the heck kind of kid lies about being bad instead good?  Maybe we just need some clarification as to what exactly consitutes "throwing a fit." Hard telling with that one.