Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Days of Truth- Day 2

Something you love about yourself.

I love my creativity.

I just wish I could use it more!!! I love to create things. I love starting with nothing and ending up with a beautiful finished product. I wouldn't say that I have any one particular stand out "creative" talent but I have tried all sorts of things. I get an idea in my head and whether I've done it before or not- I just go for it. I have my hands in all kinds of different creative processes. From handmade stamps (like literally carving out a stamp with basically woodworking tools) to candle making to sewing to card making. I've pretty much tried it at least once. Seriously-getting into my crafty stuff is like Mary Poppin's carpet bag. I have saved all kinds of random, hopefully one day useful stuff. I love it when I am dreaming up a project and I think of something I have saved for who knows how long that will work just perfectly in my design. Oooh that is the best.

I love that I can come up with crazy crafty stuff for the kids to do and I love making crafty stuff on birthdays and holidays and really whenever. I feel like my gifts mean so much more- though they may not be expensive. I love that I take the time to do that- even though it seems harder to find the time every year.

I love my empathy.

I really can relate to people- one on one- and I love to be a listener for what is going on with people. I love being able to make that connection with someone- even if it is just for a moment. Even at work I feel like a therapist sometimes- I hear way more about people's lives than absolutely necessary- but I'm a listening ear and that may be what they need at that moment. I am 100% OK with that. I feel connected and like I am doing some good in the world.

From my earlier post- you know that some of the blogs I've been reading have left me feeling quite emotional. Even though it has been somewhat painful- I am glad that just reading someones thoughts and words can affect me and inspire me to change. I am not always good at showing that emotion but it is there. I don't always have the right words to say but my heart is with those who are struggling. I am working right now on reaching out and letting them know that.

I love that I can hold Lily when she has had a tough time and rub her back and wish I could take her hurt away. I love that my love for my daughter reaches depths I didn't know were possible. She chokes me up with emotion- with happiness or sadness or joy or fear. I love that girl.