Saturday, October 30, 2010

30 days of truth: Day 5

Something you hope to do in your life.

Wow! How do I narrow this down? There are so many things I hope to "do." I think many of the things on my lifetime "to do" list have to do with travel and places to see but there is more...

How about...something I hope to see in my life?

         The ruins of Machu Pichu.

...some place I hope to go?

        Italy. The art, the architecture, the history! So much history. Take me there!

...something I would like to see happen in my lifetime?

       Peace. Mostly peace. Between people, between countries. Less fighting, less greed. More sharing, more love.

...something I hope to create?

       I hope to create my own line of handmade cards.
       A garden with my own two hands.

...something I hope to own?

      I want to own a house...with a yard. But I don't want 2.5 kids. 2 is enough. ; )

...something I hope to read?

       I got a list of "classics" one time from Barnes and Noble and circled all the ones I have read and starred all the ones I want to read. I have it at home somewhere in my files...Wuthering Heights, Anna Karenina, Don Quixote, Room with a View, Metamorphosis, The Last of the Mohicans...oh the list goes on and on.

...something I hope to try?
     I want to try some more complex collage-type artwork like Paper Paintings, But I really need a separate art space to do much more with my artwork. Someday, right?

...something I hope to do more of?

     I want to do more hiking. This summer we were able to get a tiny glimpse of the trails around here. I would love to explore more of those- day hikes and try some overnights as well.

I think this is a pretty complete least for today.