Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Fake out...

We went to the grand opening of the new South Lake Union Park on Saturday. It was unexpectedly warm and beautiful- an awesome day to check out the new fountain, tour some boats and see some of the amazing beauty of the city we live in. I love taking Lily to new and exciting places to explore.

Almost looks like summer, huh? I was definitely warm enough- warmer than most actual summer days we had. But we were grateful for the day- and after being sick with something really nasty at the end of last week I was really glad to be feeling well enough to be outside having fun.

Lily: Mommy, where is Martin?
Mommy: He went fishing instead of going to work today.
Lily: But Mommy, he's going to lose his job!


So with the start of fall comes....you guessed it...my baking bug. Hehe. I found a caramel corn recipe the other day that looks awesome. That got me thinking about baking....now I want Pumpkin bread and pumpkin cookies and that got me thinking about other kinds of cookies...russian tea cakes....peanut butter balls...and I really want to make another loaf of bread (but that is definitely a weekend thing) Except maybe not this weekend 'cause apparently I have a coffee date ; )