Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Preparations Etc.

We've had a crazy week this week- tons going on and a lot of preparations for Lily's birthday party tomorrow. I think Martin is SO OVER hearing about all this party I'm posting here. Hehe. All the girls we invited RSVP'd so we'll have 5 little princesses at our house for Lily's 5th birthday. We have some fun games planned and projects...and food and cake...and music. Lily is practically beside herself with the anticipation.

My budget for the party turned out just right. I got everything I needed-under budget- mostly because Lily's birthday present from me was practically free (other than time)...but more on that later. So I came in under budget by $37 dollars! Oh, also under budget because I scratched the fondant cake idea. Too much time and too many materials!!!

With the extra I bought Lily some clothes that she desperately needs. I got her 4 things at Fred Meyer for only $20 dollars- on sale plus 15% off coupon. That poor girl, she's a ragamuffin I tell you. Totally my fault. Over the summer all her pants were getting to short and I was like "Look- they are capri pants!" Now it is too chilly for capris  : ( Super sad about upon us already fall weather.

Earlier in the summer I also got her these cute Fancy Nancy shoes-thinking they would last awhile. After probably wearing them three times she jumped in the mud and got them super dirty. It took me forever to remember to clean them up- like three weeks. By the time I did they were too small. Any one know anyone giving away size nine girls shoes and size 5t girls clothes???? I seriously can't keep up!

So I will have tons of pictures up tomorrow afternoon after the party I am sure and I can't wait to post the pictures of her present- Dad, John, Briana and I all put time and effort in and I am so proud of the finished product. I hope she like it as much as we all do. So thanks to everybody who helped!

Oh-I forgot- I just realized today that I have been telling Lily her "real" birthday is this coming Wednesday ...oops it is actually I've been a day off this whole time for whatever reason. Haha. At least it is one day less and not one day more. I want to bring some treats to her school for her but not necessarily cupcakes...anyone have any peanut free ideas???

I know you all are on the edge of your stay tuned.