Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long Beach and more pictures

I just can't ask for more than a few days away with all these great people. Although parts of the trip were a bit rough I must say making these memories together makes me so happy. It wasn't easy- money is always super tight- but we did it on a limited budget and still had great fun. And you all know "budget" is my specialty. We brought all our own food, camped in a tent in Martin's aunt yard- and for the most part stayed away from most of the touristy temptations in "town"- like the kite shops and candy stores. I wouldn't trade any of it...well maybe getting soaked in the rain as we tried to pack up to leave- but other than that good fun had by all.  
Exploring the Pier at Ilwaco

Love this picture of Lily relaxin' in the sand

Ummm...aren't we adorable???

Um, how is it almost Labor Day weekend already??? Any why was it 50 degrees and raining here this week?? I'm not ready for summer to be over!!!!!

Ooh ooh...I'm so excited to get Lily's birthday present together...she's going to be sooo excited...but I can't tell is a surprise!!! We have a "kid free" weekend the weekend before her party..I am going to be one busy mama getting it all together. Sorry I'm rambling...good night everybody!