Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lily's Birthday Present from me*

Yesterday Lily had her birthday party- we had lots of fun...more on that in the next post. But this is the birthday present I spent so much time on the last couple weeks.

*Like I said on Friday I had sooo much help from my Dad, John, and Briana- as well as Martin who played with the girls- giving me the free time I needed to get this done.

Dollhouse- BEFORE

This is some of the work that was done on the dollhouse... First Briana primed it (painted most of it white to get it ready) then brought it over to my Dad's garage. I did some gluing and measuring- then bought some extra balsa wood to make replacement parts for missing roof section, dormer, and window trim.

Briana and I designed, cut and glued the new Dormer window and John glued the new window trim. Then I did more gluing on the roof piece I added.

Finally the painting...we used paint Dad had on hand from when he painted Maddie's room. Teal for the outside, chocolate brown for the roof. I painted the inside plain white thinking Lily and I could choose some of the colors she wants later. Dad, John and I all painted the roof shingles.

I covered the stairs and floors in wood grain printed contact paper. Dad picked an aged looking paper for wallpaper in one room and did some extra trim and detail work. Finally I brought it home and chose a few pieces of the dollhouse furniture Briana gave me for her to start with.

Dollhouse- AFTER

Lily loves it (Kendra too!). They've been playing with it ever since we gave it to her yesterday afternoon. We got out all her Polly Pockets etc and they have a whole set up all over the coffee table. Now I just have to find a table or something for her to put it on so it cabn go in her bedroom.

I'm so excited about how it turned out and proud of all the work everyone put into it. Wahoo!