Tuesday, September 7, 2010


On August 28th we had the BBQ at our house with my dad and family. It was nice enough for them to all go in the pool- and hot tub. We've gone in the pool once more since then- which I think will be the last for this season : (

Lily: What the swifterchips? (Ok, kid, now you are just making stuff up...)

So yesterday Martin blew up a few small water balloons- with air- the girls were playing and fighting over them all afternoon...Martin and I were in the kitchen cleaning up when I barely see Miss Kendra in their room with two umm...strategically placed water balloon sized ummm..lumps under her shirt. I told Martin- and another look confirmed it. I, of course, burst out laughing but trying to hide it as he tried to tell her to stop and take them out. I'm not 100% convinced it was inappropriate...but what do you do? I was at a loss- but also laughing so hard I almost cried. Hope I don't get in big trouble for posting this but....oh boy was it hilarious. Any advice for dealing with pretend boobies???? LOL. I don't want to crush their imaginations... and I know it wasn't out of any inappropriate spirit...probably curiosity.... but????


Special shout out to Martin for all of his amazing help this weekend...I've been a bit preoccupied and busy with Lily's birthday stuff so a big thank you for being so entertaining for the girls so I could get my stuff done! Martin-You are the best and I feel so lucky to have a "partner in crime" like you!