Friday, August 27, 2010

Birthday Invitations

I finished Lily's birthday party invitations last night and we handed them out to friends this morning. I wanted to get them out early enough for planning...but now Lily thinks her party is tomorrow..oops. She's having a Princess Party...

The inside is super cute too it has my phone number and address on it so I didn't want to post it on know 'cause of the crazies.  : )

So my budget for Lily's party is about $100- total for everything (including her gifts). Wanna know how much these cards cost me??? $1.09. Yeah. That's right. I used only stuff I had on hand other than a little dollar book of stickers (each card used only two stickers on the inside and back) and the rest are going to be for party favors. Ha. I am so good! And I still have $98.91 left!  Maybe I can even come in under budget...we'll see about that.

One more thing off the list...only a million more to go!

If you have any great Princess Party ideas- post a comment! Help a (not very girly) girl out!