Sunday, September 20, 2009

We had fun...Happy Birthday Lily!

Lily's birthday parties this weekend went so well. I honestly couldn't have asked for any better. Lily loved having friends over and being the center of attention (of course!) not to mention getting some cool new stuff to play with. I know I say it all the time but I just can't believe how fast she is growing up on me.
She was playing with her Leapfrog Tag this evening- she got a new book to read from Great Gramma- and I could see how deliberate she was in using the reader/pen. Very carefully she touched the part of the page that would read the story out loud-then listened patiently until it finished reading before touching the next object. She even completed with 100% accuracy the level 1 activities they have on each story page (there are three increasingly difficult levels of activities). Kind of complicated to explain but when she first got the books for Christmas last year she just touched the pen all over the page and couldn't wait for the story part to be read before pushing something else.

The other day her teacher and I were talking about how much improvement in behaviour she has had in the last 6 months. I just felt so proud of her -I could literally feel the "swell" of pride- and a little mist in my eyes- telling the teacher how wonderful it has been to see such a positive change. I just love that little girl so much. Tonight as we were going to bed she said, "We're best buddies, huh Mom?" The happiness overwhelmed me as I responded, "Of course we are!"

We both have our frustrations- the fact we're both so stubborn doesn't help-but then we have a moment that makes us smile- a laugh or a tickle- my Momma pride wins hands down and those no so good moments completely fade out. I guess it is the same thing they say about labor, right? There is something in our brain or our chemical make-up that allows the pain of labor to fade away so quickly- and the overwhelming love is the only feeling that really lasts.

Love you Lily! Happy 4th Birthday!

PS- Too tired to post more pictures tonight- I'll put up a web album tomorrow I promise.