Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Google Search

So if you've ever read Clever Girl Goes Blog- you've seen her post about the wierd keywords people type into Google and in which her blog comes up as a link. I have been waiting and waiting for a good (by good I mean funny) search term to come up for my site. So far only the obvious ones like "Lily Flower" and "Famous Lily" have been the main hits- and since they're boring, hardly worth a whole post. Today though- "Dirty Lily." Who the heck is searching for Dirty Lily??? And what do they mean by it??? Hmmm....maybe I don't want to know. Anyway- just thought I'd let y'all know : )

PS- I'd probably have more cool search terms if more people were following my blog (read: boosting my self esteem). So for all you out there reading but not wanting to be my friend and follow my blog-help a girl out. Seriously. I need all the laughs I can get.