Monday, September 28, 2009

Lily's a big girl now!

Check it out! Lily's Dad bought her a big girl bike this weekend (with training wheels and everthing!). I was skepitcal at first that she would want to get on- much less actually pedal the thing. Oh how wrong I was. Apparently she rode all weekend with only a couple minor falls/scrapes but had a blast. She loves going fast but doesn't quite get the brake concept so it totally freaks me out- especially downhill headed toward the road...Yikes! I held onto the front part of the handle bar just to be safe though I am sure it won't be long before she doesn't want me to hold her back at all. Believe me-that will be a tough day. Pushing her off, letting her go and hoping for the best. is the big girl herself!
Since I drove all the way to Bellingham to pick her up (don't ask!) I decided we should do something fun to make the long drive home a little easier. We headed down Chuckanut Drive (I love the views especially in the fall!!) and stopped at Larrabee Park. I haven't been there forever. Lily liked it but the tide was way in and there wasn't too much beach to explore so we played mostly on their little playground.
The drive was beautiful but I must say I prefer being the passenger rather than the driver on that road. All those tight lanes and narrow curves freak me out a bit and I didn't get to see all the pretty views because I was concentrating so hard on staying in my lane. But it was fun anyway and I'm glad we went.