Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's end....

Dear Summer- I love you. I even loved those really super hot days- because I didn't want to complain and then end up with a rainy summer. Here in Seattle we live with what seems like 9 (or more) months of dreary weather- and only 3 (if we're lucky) of good. So on September 1st when you left so very suddenly and didn't even give me a chance to say can imagine my disappointment. I could have really used just one more sunny summer weekend but well..what can you do? Tell the Sun I guess we'll see you both some time next June.


A girl who probably needs to move to Hawaii for heaven's sake. Or anywhere tropical.

Lily taking advantage of the final days of summer last weekend

Every once in awhile I catch her in motion just the right way and I love it - that moment of movement frozen in time- 'cause I swear this child never stops moving.
She really wanted to go in the wading pool- even though it wasn't super warm. By the end she was shivering so much but still didn't want to get out. Only when they started draining the water did she finally give in.

Now on to planning a spectacular finish to the year...first up Lily's 4th birthday- then more birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and it'll be Christmas before I can even blink I'm sure. Time really flies- especially when you're busy (and having fun)!