Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bits o' stuff

Lily: I speak English, Spanish and Regular.
Google Keyword Searches:

"Shake the sand from my flip flops quote"- Must have hit because of my embarrassing sand in the underwear incident

"wshhh"- ??? I have no idea- but it's kind of funny- I think...
I haven't been able to do much blogging or even thinking about blogging lately for a couple reasons:
1) Lily's birthday party is this weekend and I have been a crazy lady cleaning and crafting and know the drill.
2) I hurt my wrist at work : ( Too much typing I guess and it hurts pretty much anytime I use the mouse or type with my right hand. The DR says lay off the typing so my recreational use of the computer at home has basically been non-existent
3) I'm still reading the Outlander series and read it (I'm on the third book) basically any chance I get. The author is supposed to be at Third Place Books in October doing a reading and a signing her new book- I am so in!
The two (or three) things that make the end of summer (almost) bearable:
1) Pumpkin Pie/Bread
2) New Season of Survivor and CSI

PS- Briana you're the best. If you hadn't told me Survivor was on tonight I would have missed it and been very sad. Russell is an actor I think...don't you? Like Sugar was (and who knows who else). And thanks for TIVO-ing CSI for me! I'd never see it otherwise. Like I said- you're the best!

No pictures today because my camera memory card is full and I haven't uploaded them to be able to take more'll all work out since next week I'm sure I'll have lots from Lily's B-day to post.

Must...stop...typing....and go to bed....or read just one more chapter....