Monday, September 14, 2009


Look who slept in her new big girl bed all night!!!!

I know its not the best picture- she was sleeping at a really wierd angle and I couldn't get her face.

Dad and Di brought over Maddie's old mattress and I set it up with her new sheets and pillow and comforter as a surprise. She was super excited when she came home and saw it. She immediately started jumping on on the bed and snuggling the blankets. Last night I sat next to her and read stories then laid down with her until she fell asleep- then, gloriously, hopped into my own bed and slept all night by myself!!!! Well- other than the fact that I woke up everytime she rolled over and made a noise to check and make sure she was ok- oh and then floyd came and curled up with me on my pillow. Haha. Very funny Floyd. He was mocking me- I'm sure!