Monday, July 27, 2009

The randomness that is my life

Lily wearing underwear and pants on her head. On purpose.


Lily was sick this morning and I decided to take her to the doctor. Carrying Lily and the toys she brought and my bag-the lady of course asks me for my insurance card. Um okay- with my other set of hands no problem. I put my bag on the counter to dig in that dang black hole of a bag, found it, then grabbed it again to put it back on the floor. The handles got stuck around a huge pump bottle of hand sanitizer and of course I knocked it on to the floor- however I thought I would try and be smooth and catch the thing. Instead it hits the floor- pump part down and squirts out a stream of alchohol based sanitizer...into my eyes. Really? Really....?? Well, they took us right back to a room and saw Lily as soon as they finished giving me an emergency eye rinse. That's one way to avoid the waiting room I guess.


Heard this weekend:

Lily: Oh Barnacles!
Lily: Oh Pickles!
She's been watching a little too much Spongebob I think.
Lily: My poop was yellow like a rain cloud. (Um, sweetie, you're confused.)
Lily: Lets have a campout and sleep in the sleeping bag together and have a picnic.
(aww that's cute...except it was nearly 90 degrees in our apartment last night and I would have sweated us to death sharing a sleeping bag also I wouldn't wish upon anyone to have to share one single sleeping bag with anyone else. Torture I tell you. )

I was too slow to get the video but when we came home last night Lily was saying "Hi" to Floyd and she was being so cute. It's hard to type but she was baby talking him like "Who has a fat belly? You're so cute! You little Kitty!" I'll get it next time I promise.
Here's Floyd relaxing in the heat. Notice his back leg propped against the leg of the easel. It's really hot- if you hadn't already noticed!


This is where I got to spend a night this weekend...Lucky me!

This one wasn't cooperating for some reason and wouldn't rotate. So turn your head already.