Saturday, July 11, 2009

Only me...seriously.

Lily and I are at the Sand Park. She is in the Baby Swing and I am pushing. She wants me to do an "Underdog" push. I push, duck under and feel sand hit the back of my legs. I realize my flip flops have kicked up the sand then realize the sand is tumbling down the back of my shirt- and...into my shorts. I kind of do a little "shake shake" to get it to come out but then feel that the sand is not just in my pants- its down my underwear. Short of stripping in the middle of the park I pretty much have to play for the next thirty minutes feeling a little bit..uh...gritty 'cause they closed the bathrooms at that park. Meanwhile Lily laughs hysterically at my shaking and repeats over and over "Mommy has sand in her butt!"

I swear only I could accomplish such a feat. For real.