Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cornstarch + Water = Gooey Fun

Lily and I had fun with our cornstarch and water experiment this week. We put cornstarch and added water little by little testing the consistency. When it gets just right it feels crumbly in your hand then all of a sudden goes goopy. Lots of fun- and it even stayed a relatively clean experiment-except for our hands. You can see Lily's face in most of these pictures saying "Eeewwww!"

And of course Lily giving Floyd a hug. Too cute.


Heard at Albertson's Seafood Counter this week:

Lily: I wanna go see the crabs!

Mommy: All right- there they are (whole crabs)

Lily: Ooohhh wow. And Mommy, what are those?

Mommy: Those are Lobster tails- that's the part we eat.

Lily: The customers cut off their tails?

Mommy: Well, no not the customers but the fisherman probably. See all the other fish in here? They catch it and then the fish die then we can use them for food.

Lily: I think the fish would rather be alive than dead.

Mommy: I'm sure you're right Lily.

A very philosophical thought for a three year old.

Am I raising a future vegetarian?? Who knows. I think this was the first time she connected the meat we eat with a living creature. I'm sure in her brain "chicken" that we eat just happens to have the same name as the farm animal. I'm don't think we'll be back to check out the seafood counter again for awhile though.