Sunday, July 5, 2009


We had an awesome day yesterday. I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow last night- we were so worn out after all the adventure we had. But really our adventure started on Friday...we played at the Sand park- again- went Grocery shopping and then Uncle John brought his cat Floyd over for a weekend visit. The plan was to see how he did this weekend to get an idea if it would work for us to take him when John moves. Floyd was very scared for awhile and stayed hiding under the couch.

So yesterday we hung out at home until Auntie Joeleen and Uncle Dat came over and we all went to the Greenlake Wading Pool and Playground. Lily did such a great job at the wading pool- laying in the water, floating around and having a great time. I was so proud of her- she wasn't afraid and really just went for it which I was very surprised about- and happy. She really wore herself out doing that!
Then we went to the playground area to the tongue swing that she loves so much. It was so hot over there though! She was cool enough having the wind from the swing but I thought I was going to keel over and die standing there and pushing.We came back to the apartment- Joeleen and Dat bought us a fan- thanks so much guys- and thank God because it was a sauna in here. We had a yummy BBQ and dinner too if I must say so myself. Good food and good company! Joeleen got Floyd to come out from under the couch but then he went to hide in my closet. After Joeleen and Dat left we went on another walk and Lily ran around the field and climbed on the rocks at the park by Madison Pool. I can't believe she even had that kind of energy left.

When it finally got dark out we turned out the lights in the apartment and watched fireworks from our living room window. We actually could see quite a few. Lily was very excited and pointed out every one. Since they were far enough away they weren't that loud so she wasn't scared. When the Gasworks Park Fireworks started we watched them on TV and we could see the big ones out our window. It was really cool to see them in the sky- then the same thing on TV in just a few seconds. I don't remember seeing them from here last year- but Lily was asleep last year and couldn't have cared less I think. The firework themselves were so amazing though- cubes and hearts and planet shapes and shimmer ones and ones that hung in the sky forever. I liked it more than Lily I think. The music was awesome and went really well with the displays.Right after the fireworks as we were heading to bed Floyd finally came out from the closet and explored a little bit. I put his blanket on my dresser and I'm pretty sure he slept there most of the night- though he woke me up doing something at about 4:45 this morning (I think that is John's usual wake up time) by the time I sat up though to see what he was doing he was just staring at me like- "What are you looking at?" and now when we've finally gotten up and out of bed he's exploring all over the house. Still a bit skittish and not sure of Miss Lily ( she moves fast) but doing better.

Heard this 4th of July:

"I wanna go to the deep sea" (the deep part of the wading pool)
"Look Mommy, I'm an Angel" (Dipping the back of her head in the water and letting her hair float)
"Happy friendship day!"
"Happy first of July!"
"I think Floyd's looking for treasure."
"Mom...Floyd's looking at me!"
"Look Mommy...Floyd's following me!" (as she walks directly behind him)
L:"Uh-oh! Uncle Dat and Auntie Joeleen left all their Root beers!" M: Root beers? Ohhhh...Roooot Beers. Yeah. No those are the empty ones. : ) Heehee.