Sunday, August 2, 2009

One Question

How on earth does my daughter know what police tape is? (And how to identify it and properly place it in a sentence?)

Heard this week:

Lily: That man has fur on his head!

Lily: I don't speak toy!

Lily: I'm going to eat my eyeballs. They get juicy then pop out then I'll eat them. I'll eat your eyeballs too.

Lily: Oh noodles!

Lily drops the feather she found off of the jungle gym. I jump down to pick it up and hand it to her. She shouts "Business!" (????)


Today Lily threw probably the worst fit she has ever thrown in a grocery store. I told her we were going to leave and proceeded to the checkout- we only had a few items so I figured I could get through the self checkout relatively quickly. What I didn't consider at the time was that every item I had chosen thus far was some kind of produce that had to be weighed and the code looked up. About halfway through with Lily still screaming at me at the top of her lungs I gave up, threw all the groceries into the basket, handed them to the cashier and walked outside. The icing on the cake was when I realized Lily had a fruit roll-up in her hand that I had to either pay for or give back. I pried it out of her spasming fingers and left- with I think every person in the store staring at us. An absolutely unbearable embarrassment for me- but for her I hope a lesson learned about throwing fits in the store. Later she asked for one of the plums we "bought" and I reminded her that because of her fit we weren't able to bring those groceries home. Will it quell future fit throwing? Highly doubtful considering at this very moment she's yelling at me for some other mysterious reason- oh yeah, tomatoes that are yellow are not ready to pick and we have to wait. It's terrible I tell you.

This last week has been so hot and pretty much miserable I haven't taken any pictures. Lily was sick-the apartment has been a sauna and sleep has been fleeting at best. Well- it's cooled down somewhat now- so I actually had the energy work on my laptop that emanates so much heat for more than a couple minutes. Hopefully this week will be a little easier- and I think I have Friday off work...haven't gotten the okay yet but I think it will work out. I might take Monday off too and the plan is to take Lily to the Zoo...but don't say anything to her because I haven't got it all planned out yet ; )