Friday, July 3, 2009

Yeah for Flickr

Its a long story but I finally got my flickr account all straightened out and have quite a few photos on there I thought were lost forever! Right now I am missing for the most part January through May of 2007 (plus a few other selected months) but apparentlyI uploaded a few specific event photos onto flickr from that time period at one point. Later the account got "compromised" lets say. It took some creative maneuvering are a few I was really happy to see.

Lily at Eleven Months (August 2006)- Poppa's Back Yard
Lily At Eighteen Months (or so) March 2007- Playing with Bubbles
Only downside to Flickr- You can't download batches of Original file photos. Any photos I don't have I have to download to my computer individually and there are a couple hundred. Bleh. At least they are accessible...Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July- I'm so happy to have a long weekend and nice weather.