Friday, June 26, 2009

Warning: Poopy Content

I think all little kids go through a "poop" phase where anything relating to the bathroom is absolutely hilarious- in fact I am pretty sure that most men never outgrow this phase...anyway. I'd say nearly all of Lily's favorite jokes lately involve some kind of bathroom humor.

L: Knock, Knock
M: Who's there?
L: Poop. (Laughs hysterically)

M: How did poop get on your forehead (apparently I should have been supervising this one!)
L: The poop came out and then it went and pooped on my forehead. **Really??**

L: Spongebob Poops.
M: How do you know?
L: He has a butt.

L: The unicorn went down to the buggy water and he pooped hisself.

This weekend Lily is with her dad and I am finally getting started on her "First Year" Scrapbook. Four pages down...only 22 or more to go (two pages per month)...yikes! And that's just year one! I think that they will start to go more quickly as I do more of them though. I don't think I am going to do a whole separate album for each year but probably combine the next two years into one- since there are some months I am missing photos from. I'm just glad that I finally am getting started...I made some cards today tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight- going to bed!