Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lily: Look Mommy- it's your favorite store! (Pointing to the Alberton's)

Oh honey, I guarantee there are many more stores I like better than Albertson's. Seriously.

Lily: Look at the Hockey game Mommy! (Pointing to a basebell field)


There is a starling (?) nest in our carport not too high up that Lily and I have been watching carefully. The momma and daddy bird take turns sitting in the nest- so everytime we walk by I pick her up to get a good look. She says "Oh I just love those birds!" It is so nice to appreciate the little things with her- see the world from her perspective. At the park there were a bunch of birds flying really low to the ground. Since it was twilight there were lots of bugs so I think the birds were eating. They were flying very close to us though and Lily's eyes were lit up in wonder. She said she thought it was the same mommy and daddy bird from our apartment and they just might be... you never know.