Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seven years bad luck...

Just when I thought my life was a little too boring(haha).....Lily broke our hallway mirror. Oops. Luckily she wasn't hurt. She was just trying to hang on it and it fell forward and hit the other side of the hallway. It broke into many pieces but not too many small pieces since it was pretty thick glass. Poor thing was totally freaked out and said, "Oh Mommy- I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!" I just said I was so glad she wasn't hurt and that she wasn't in trouble. She tried to come over to give me a hug but since she had bare feet I had to stop her and come scoop her up. Then I plopped her safely in the laundry basket and vaccumed up the floor. My neighbor (who happens to work construction) was outside cleaning his truck so I asked if he could please bring the mirror downstairs to the garbage. Thank god he was there because it was really heavy and awkward with the broken glass pieces hanging out of it.
By the way- the clean laundry- Since I brought it up from the dryer on Sunday-I can't even think about going to reach for anything in the basket lest I mess up her carefully crafted seat. I think I have enough underwear to last me through the week- or else I'll have to sneak a pair when she falls asleep. Pick your battles I tell ya.

This hair <--- her teacher did-she liked it until she got in the car seat and couldn't put her head against the back of the seat.