Saturday, June 6, 2009

It was my Blogiversary yesterday...and I totally forgot!

I was having too much fun out on a boat on Lake Washington partying it up to remember that yesterday was the one year anniversary of starting my blog. Click Here to see my very first post...Anyway- these picture were from last night. Dad and Di were able to take Lily for the evening since Briana invited me to go out on this boat with people from her company. The music was bumping and the drinks were flowing- it was so fun. What was really awesome though was that despite how much crap and yucky stuff is going on in the world every boat that we passed- and nearly every person we passed (like when we went through the Mountlake Cut) waved or yelled or started dancing as soon as we got within earshot. We waved and hollered back to everyone. It made me happy to see people so responsive- like yes we are still alive- yes we are making it through and for a minute we can still let loose and have fun- just be and enjoy and sing as loud as we want. So happy blogiversary to me- and many more...(I sang that part : )

Also today I baked the yummiest loaf of Whole Wheat Bread ever, made very tasty homemade egg rolls, and bought a bag of cherries for only $1.98/lb. Sweet! Overall a great day so far.

P.S. Heard from Lily so far today:

Lily: Don't give me no attitude Mom.

Lily: Mommy I love you! I want to snuggle you. (Awww : )

Lily: I'm turning into dough! (while helping me with the bread)