Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Fort Worden
Seriously, I am such a slacker. Anyway- click on the picture above and it will take you to my web album...I figured that part out but I also have sooooo many cute things Lily said over the weekend to post too...oh well. Maybe I'll have time to type a few up at lunch tomorrow- Right now though I gotta try to go to sleep but my apartment is literally over 8O degrees right now- absolutely stifling and there seems to be a lot of noise outside so I don't know if leaving the windows open is an option...well I guess I can post a few things she said...

Heard on the Fort Warden Trip:
Lily:Mommy you're driving too slow! Mommy you're driving too fast!
Lily: Mr. Ladybug, do you want to climb on my ball? Mr. Ladybug are you listening to me?
Lily: I can't believe I live here!
Mommy: Lily, please do not lick...insert here one of the following: the window, the ball, the chair, the seatbelt, my cousin (I swear I said all of these- it's her new obsession, licking things ewww.)

And a cute conversation we had when we saw a deer in someone's yard :
Lily: Where's her baby?
Mommy: I don't know.
Lily: Maybe he's lost.
Mommy: Oh I don't think he's lost- he's here somewhere.
Lily: Maybe the baby turned into the Momma.
Mommy: Maybe...
Lily: When I grow up I am going to turn into you Mommy.

Oh Lily-you will be so much more! You will be wonderful- the one and only you!