Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Happy Happy!

Well- it's Monday again- thank goodness its almost over- I need some sleep! I had quite the packed weekend full of fun stuff. My birthday was awesome and now I've got to start thinking about Lily's...what are we going to do this year??? Anyway- I had in my head a whole list of thing's Lily has said in the last few days but as soon as I tried to remember any one of them - I can't. Typical. One thing though-she walked into our apartment, hugged the bathroom doorway/wall and said, "I love you apartment!" Awww... and I'm thinking of moving??? On with the pictures... Shake those Maracas!Swing batter batter...
I broke the pinata! Everybody rushed in for the candy...P.S. My Zucchini plant is doing great!