Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday again

Well- another Monday. Let's hope this week is better than last week. Over the weekend we had lots of fun but also some not so fun moments : (

Lily's class last week was learning about bugs- they did some bug searching outside and read some bug stories. Now, she has never been a big fan of bugs. If we ever have a fly in the house she makes sure we (by we I mean me) chase it outside somehow or suck it up with the vacuum cleaner. Though one time she did get a bowl from her drawer and place it on top of a dead fly on our windowsill. Thanks honey! You're my big helper...

Anyway... the moral of the story...Now she is absolutley terrified of bugs. At the park she literally had a panic attack when a fly or bee flew near her- hysterical screaming and clawing at my legs to climb up..craziness. Then on Friday night she woke up at one o'clock after having a bad dream. She said in her dream her shadow turned into bugs and they chased her. We went and had some tea and watched a show for a little while before going back to bed with the bathroom light on. Every few minutes she would ask me to turn on the lamp and "check" the ceiling for bugs. This lasted about two hours. Ugg. Luckily we were able (by we I mean her, I was up around oh the usual 6:30 am, grr) to sleep in.

Saturday night we only had to check a few times but again last night she had another nightmare- we went to sleep with the bathroom light on but sometime later I got up and turned it off. She was up from about three to four or so and we of course had to turn the light back on and check the ceiling-repeatedly. Of course I finaly fell back asleep and my alarm went off about five minutes later. Happy Monday, y'all!

We had fun yesterday during the day though. We went to Greenlake and played at the park- Lily was super excited about the "tongue swings" and also had lots of fun chasing the ducks. I forgot my flash drive so the pictures will be up tomorrow.

Lily "Quotes of the Weekend"

"Mommy, if you were a worm I would catch you!"

"Oh, this song (on the radio) makes me a princess!"

"Get your cute shoes Mommy so we can dance!"

Then we danced. She loved it- I loved it. : )