Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Famous Lily Quotes

I am so glad I am writing these things down regularly because this stuff is hilarious and I don't want to forget.

Lily: Eww, Mommy you have whiskers on your legs!

*Apparently, even though I don't particularly care what my legs look like, it is important to Lily that I have smooth legs, especially when she wants to sleep on my tummy and her feet touch my legs.

Lily: Mommy, what's in my balloon?

Mommy: Uh, nothing. I don't see anything (I will admint I was a bit distracted getting ready for work)

Lily: No Mommy- there's something in there.

Mommy: Lily, honey, (taking the balloon from her hand and examining it) I don't see anything inside the balloon, okay?

Lily: There is too. There's Helium in there.

Mommy: Oh, yeah, Helium. Yes there is Helium in there. Sorry.

Smart Girl.