Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So big!

Look everyone! My strawberry plants came back this year and I didn't have to do anything! They are just growing with no help from me. Of course I started watering them again once I noticed the little green parts! I thought I was going to have to buy new plants but apparently they are resilient enough to survive even when I don't water them. Wow! Now that's the kind of plant I like. Lily will be super excited to have more strawberries this year. I think I should get some fertilizer or something that what I'm supposed to do? I have no idea. I wanted to show this little set up we have in our living room because 1) I love this picture of Lily holding a dandelion and 2) we made these cute little flowers out of magazine strips a buttons. Lily picked the pages out of the magazine and did some of the cutting. Then I put them together with the button. So cute. I saw it in a magazine. I think I could use this technique (a little more refined) on a card. Plus aren't her little "tea" animals so cute. We have so many of those guys!

Here's Lily and Papa at his house on Mother's day. They were watching a movie together but Lily was bouncing around all over the place on the back of the couch. At one point I caught her licking the little wood strip she's leaning on in the picture. What??? She has never been one to "eat" too many strange things- but she'll lick anything, I swear-especially windows, mirrors, counters, tables- smooth surfaces I guess. I haven't caught her licking the floor yet. I'm sure that day will come. This morning Lily woke up in a much better mood. We had time for breakfast and she let me braid her hair. I did french braid pigtails and they actually turned out pretty cute. I try to keep her hair out of her face but most mornings she barely lets me brush- so I was happy with the super cute look she had going on! (Gotta love the boots too!) Also she found the jack-o-lantern plastic bucket Di gave me to save for next Halloween and she put her stuffed puppy into it to take to school for show and tell day.